Friday, December 29, 2017

Sloane Marie | Nine Months

What's new?
Pulling herself to a stand. That happened pretty much overnight and she quickly mastered it and will pull up anything that is within reach.
Started eating mostly table food and feeding herself. If we try to feed her purees she fights to do it herself.
Her pincer grasp has improved and she is able to pick up most small objects without issue.
She will now interact with strangers, especially when they are looking at their phone. She wants all the attention.
She is starting to get stranger anxiety and does not always like when others hold her if she can see mom or dad.
Celebrated her first Christmas and first trip to Disney!

I don't want to forget Her giant gummy smile. The way she growls and shrieks when she gets excited. How determined she is and usually finds a way to get what she wants. Her giant love for her stand up piano. How fiercely independent she is. How well she can entertain herself in the living room full of toys. The way she accepts new things so willingly and anything new keeps her interest longer. How excited she gets when either daddy or mommy are within view. The way she climbed up a stack of presents christmas morning without help. How fearless she is about almost everything. How happy she is almost all the time. The way she would lean over toward a stranger when mom was holding her to get them to smile at her.

Weight: 15 pounds, 11 ounces (15th percentile)  At Birth: 5 pounds 6 ounces. 

Height: 25.5 inches (3rd percentile) At Birth: 18.5 inches

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Still holding blue!

Clothes: She officially graduated out of 3-6 month pants for good. They just don't fit over her diaper butt anymore. Some 3-6 shirts still fit, but we are mostly wearing 6-12 in everything.

Diapers: Still going strong with cloth on the middle rise.

Nicknames: Homegirl, Princess, Beautiful, Sloane Baby, Tiny Human

-Her full amount of sleep
-Putting everything in her mouth
-Music and dancing
-Being able to stand by herself
-Grabbing daddy's glasses
-To growl at you to show she is excited
-To hang upside down
-Knocking things over

-Her carseat, especially if she is wearing a hat or a jacket
-Getting her pajamas on
-When her bottle is empty
-When she is not free to move as she wishes

Eat: She is still nursing about 5 times a day, including one in the early morning. She usually nurses after waking from a nap, but sometime she eats right before a nap instead. She is also getting table food twice a day, either breakfast or lunch and always at dinner. We started slowly giving her more food to pick up from her tray and she quickly decided she would much rather eat whatever mom and dad are eating instead of her purees. We still try to sneak them in here and there along with some food she can feed herself.

Sleep: She is mostly taking two longer naps these days. She likes to sleep in so her first nap is usually around lunch time and then she takes a late afternoon nap as well. Her first nap tends to be a little bit shorter than the afternoon. She loves to sleep, but prefers her crib to anything else. We have a hard time getting her to sleep anywhere else. A few days surrounding Christmas we had trouble getting her to sleep, but it was short lived thankfully. I think there was just a lot happening and that threw her off.

8:30-9:00 She normally wakes up around this time and eats right away. Then we get dressed and ready for the day.
9:00-11:00 When we are home, we hang out in the living room and she plays and usually will eat some table food and then play some more.
11:00 Down for a nap. She will usually sleep an hour to an hour and a half.
12:00 She wakes up and nurses right away.
12:00-2:30 More play time. She usually is willing to be awake a little longer at this time a day which pushes back her nap.
2:30 Since she stays awake a little longer at this time of day, I typically will nurse her again right before she goes down for a nap.
3:00 Nap time. She will usually sleep about 2 hours. If we are busy in the morning and the morning nap gets cut short she will usually sleep longer to make up for it.
5:00 Awake time. We usually will make dinner and get ready for our evening.
6:00 Dad is home! We eat dinner together and then play as a family.
7:30 We start our bedtime routine of nursing, bottle, pajamas and then bedtime by 8pm.
She will then go down for the night and will usually wake up in the early morning (between 3 and 5) for a quick feeding and then will go right back to sleep until about 8:30.

Photo Dump
^^Trying to stand up and crawling in all the small places^^
^^Why are they so cute when they sleep?^^
^^5 months apart...almost the same size^^
^^She loves hanging upside down and this box provided so much entertainment^^
^^Uncle Christopher^^
^^Knocking things over and standing so tall^^
^^She fell asleep 5 minutes from home so we hung out in the car for a bit.^^
^^Plane ride to Orlando^^
^^A small peak at our Disney adventures^^
^^She thought my ears were hilarious^^
^^Cousins eating together...both were very focused on their food, ha^^
^^Christmas Eve^^
^^Christmas Day^^
^^Little monkey climbing up all the gifts^^
^^Whyyy does she look so big...^^

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