Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sloane Marie | Six Months

What's new?
She is no longer swaddled for sleeping, we have been using the Baby Merlin Sleep Suit instead
No longer in a bassinet in our room, she is in her crib in her room down the hall
Rolled from back to tummy and now is rolling all over the place. She can roll from tummy to back, but tends to forget and ends up getting stuck.
Responds to her name
Will reach for our food when we are eating and has spilled a few things in the process
Can sit for a few minutes while supported, but usually ends up face planting
Gets bored quickly, and usually wants someone with her to play
Actually enjoys her toys and will roll onto her tummy and reach for things
She started going to childcare for an hour and a half once a week
She started sitting in her highchair

I don't want to forget the way her smile takes over her whole face. The look she gives me when I go to get her out of her crib. Her eyes when someone takes her to hold her instead of me. Her little giggle when I tickle her. How much she has really changed this month. The way she went from barely moving to rolling and moving all over the place basically overnight.

Weight: 13 pounds 10.5 ounces. At Birth: 5 pounds 6 ounces. This puts her in about the 9th percentile. My pediatrician is not exactly worried about her weight, but she wants to make sure she does not continue to drop percentile. We have another weight check in a month and she wants me to try to increase my supply to see if that is an issue.

Height: 24 inches (2nd percentile)  At Birth: 18.5 inches

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Still holding blue!

Clothes: She is officially wearing 3-6 month clothes, but definitely still fits in 0-3. We still have 0-3 pants in the mix since they fit her best.

Diapers: Still loving cloth. She is wearing the smallest setting in her Grovia one size diaper.

Nicknames: Homegirl, Princess, Beautiful, Sloane Baby

-Being held by mommy or daddy
-Smiling and laughing. She is much more willing to do that for us. But only for us, she mostly just stares at everyone else.
-Holding people's faces
-Looking at screens and gets distracted by them while eating
-Going exploring! Wether its a walk, grocery shopping or a Target run, she is entertained for hours.

-Waiting to eat
-Getting buckled in her carseat

Eat: Eating has been going really well. I think she has been hungry more often so I have been feeding her a snack right before she takes a nap. This has been helping her sleep longer and better for nap time. I think this is definitely a sign she was ready to start eating more food. I will update on solids next month.

Sleep: Oh sleep. It has been an interesting month for sleep. It started when she started fighting the swaddle hard core and was really close to rolling over in the swaddle. That was when I realized I needed to transition her out of her swaddle. I knew she was still wanting to be snug so we got the Baby Merlin's sleep suit as a transitional swaddle. When I would try to let her sleep without the swaddle her arms would flail about and keep her awake. The sleep suit worked great but she still had to adjust to being less snug while sleeping. I also noticed that she was getting heavy for her bassinet and it would tip so that her feet would end up above her head slightly which I am sure was not that comfortable. So with her new sleep suit, she started sleeping in her crib in her own room. The first night was awful and after nearly two hours of on and off crying and me going to comfort her, I gave up and brought her back into our room and she slept. I kept doing nap time in her crib and she was fine with that. Over the next week or so she fought the crib less and less until she finally adjusted and now sleeps mostly through the night again with a few wake ups here and there. Also, we are still in the process of dropping a nap which works some days and not so much other days. Home girl loves her naps. But she started sleeping less overnight because she was sleeping too much during the day so we are slowly working towards a two nap day.

Her schedule is pretty similar to what it was last month, but we are working towards one nap in the morning and one nap in the afternoon and a cat nap in the evening. She usually has her last feeding of the day at 7:30 pm and down for the night by 8 pm. If she wakes up before 7, it is really hard to keep her to only two naps. So I just call her first really early nap a continuation of her night sleep. We will get there eventually.

Photo Dump:
^^So many smiles!^^
^^(Right) Running errands with mom and someone thought she was a boy...I guess they did not see the bow?^^
^^She loves mirrors!^^
^^Apple picking!!^^
^^House divided! Vikings and Packers outfits in the same day.^^
^^(Right) I left her on her back and found her like this.^^
^^Library story time!^^
^^First time sitting in her high chair and walks around the new neighborhood^^
^^She loves Paisley, but it is not reciprocated.^^
^^She loves when I tickle her!^^
^^The many faces of Sloane^^
^^Happy half birthday baby girl^^

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