Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sixth Anniversary

We celebrated our 6th anniversary on August 6th! It is crazy that it has been six years already. This time last year we had just found out we were having a baby and it was such an exciting time. Life looks a lot different this year, but we did our best to celebrate what we could. We are in the process of moving (I owe a major update on that), so we made sure to squeeze in time as family.

A few weeks before our anniversary I discovered a new place called Board and Brush where you make unique signs out of wood. This place is such a cool concept and we loved every minute of it. The idea is this: you pick out a design in advance with different customizations and then they prepare everything in advance. Once you get there, you get to pick out the wood stain and paint for the design. They walk you through sanding, distressing, staining, assembly, painting and clean up. We each made and picked out our own sign, but we helped each other throughout the process. We brought Sloane with us and she did great once she fell asleep. It was a little rough at the begining with the loud noise from distressing, but then she fell asleep in her stroller and took a really good nap for us. The class was family friendly so I knew it would be alright to bring her. Our signs turned out great and I am really glad that we did that.
Our actual anniversary was the following day and we had asked a friend to watch Sloane so that we could go to a movie. This was our first date alone since we had her and our first time leaving her so it was hard, but both our friend and Sloane did a great job and we are so grateful. We saw the new Spiderman movie, which was fantastic. Richard was really hesitant to see it since Spiderman has been done so many times, but it was so worth it. We were able to enjoy the dine in theater that we love one last time before we left Texas.

We also took our annual anniversary picture which included Sloane this year. We figured that with it being the last few days in our house, our front porch was the perfect location. We are accumulating quite a few pictures! Overall, it was a great but busy anniversary!
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