Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Weekend at the Lake

If you have been around these parts long enough you know that every year around the 11th of July my family plans time together. Since it is the anniversary of my mom passing we like to do something to keep our minds off that day. This year, we decided to rent a cabin on a lake about an hour south of Milwaukee. It ended up being the perfect location for everyone. We were able to go on the tube, water ski, ride in the boat, swim, fish, have bonfires, and lay in the sun. Something for the big and little kids to enjoy. Sloane even enjoyed being able to take regular naps in the cabin with the occasional swim in the lake. My family owned a cabin when we were younger and it was so much fun to enjoy the cabin life again.

Richard and I flew into Milwaukee early so that we could go to Summerfest, which is a big music festival held every year in Milwaukee. We had fun walking around, eating good food, drinking beer and enjoying the music. I'm glad that we were able to make that work. That night we met up with some family that live in Milwaukee to eat at one of Richard's favorite restaurants from when he used to live in Milwaukee.

After the time spent in Milwaukee we drove about an hour south to stay at a cabin on Lake Lily which was about 20 minutes from Lake Geneva. We spent the next few days there enjoying life on the lake.
^^On our way to Milwaukee! Plus, Summerfest!^^
^^Saz's mozzarella sticks!^^
^^Second cousins! And, a little cutie enjoying the boat.^^
^^Grandpa letting D drive the boat!^^
^^He loved tubing with his Auntie.^^
^^The fish Richard caught and the fish I caught. Mine was bigger ;)^^
^^Sloane's first time swimming!^^
^^Auntie love.^^
^^Sloane was so in love with her cousins.^^
^^My sister took some fun pictures of the bonfire by the lake.^^
^^Waterskiing! It was fun and exhausting doing that again. Also, we had some heavy rain which resulted in flash floods. Leaving the cabin with water up to our knees was an interesting event.^^
Overall, the weekend was a lot of fun and a relaxing way to enjoy the beautiful weather. We had an unlimited amount of things to keep us entertained. It truly was a great weekend.

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