Monday, July 31, 2017

Sloane Marie | Four Months

What's New?
Rolled from tummy to back.
Celebrated her first 4th of July.
Visited Daddy's hometown, Milwaukee.
First time swimming in a lake.
First long road trip, including a flash flood and a flat tire.
Helped mommy and daddy house shop.
First visit to Louisiana.
Met her Great Grandpa Bova.

I don't want to forget the way she is always sucking on her fists. Her bald spot (bald line really) on the back of her head. The way she clasps her hands together. The gurgling sound she makes when she is happy. When she will be eating, stop to look at me and smile and then dive back to continue eating. Those beautiful baby blue eyes.

Weight: 12 pounds 7.5 ounces. (15th percentile) At Birth: 5 pounds 6 ounces

Height: 23.5 inches (13th percentile) At Birth: 18.5 inches

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Still Blue!

Clothes: Still in 0-3. There are a few outfits in 3-6 that she has worn, but mostly she is still wearing 0-3.

Diapers: She moved up to size 2 this month.

Nicknames: Homegirl, Princess, Princess Warrior, Peanut

-Her sunglasses
-Getting at least one solid nap a day
-Observing her surroundings
-Her playmat
-Cooler temps overnight
-Sucking on her fists/fingers
-Standing with help

-Sleeping on mom in the wrap
-Missing out on what is going on
-Skipping nap time
-Being too cold or too hot
-Spending too much time in one place, either the wrap, car seat or in someone's lap

Eat: Eating has not changed all that much this month. While we were traveling though I noticed that she does not eat as well if it is too loud. If she was fighting eating, I would have to make sure that I took her somewhere quiet so that she would actually take a full meal. This was not always easy to do and then she would get fussy because she was not full. Other than that she is still exclusively breast feeding and she is doing really well.

Sleep: We did a lot of traveling this month and because of that her consistent routine got thrown off a bit. We have been home for a while now and she is finally getting back into her routine. She definitely loves her sleep and is a completely different baby when she does not get a good nap in. She has been able to go longer stretches without a full nap. This has been helpful because lately she is harder to get to sleep on the go. She wants to be involved in the action. But this usually ends up being one nap a day that is a little shorter and then she will take a longer nap after. So it works out in the end.

Her schedule is basically the same as it has always been. Each day is a little different, but she is pretty consistent about a three hour routine. She will usually be awake for about an hour, which includes the time that she eats. Then she will take an hour and a half to two hour nap. When she wakes the cycle starts over and we repeat.

Photo Dump:
^^Our Birth Bootcamp Instructor holding all the babies from our class.^^
^^Fourth of July Weekend! Included lots of shopping, fireworks and all the red, white and blue we could find.^^
^^First time swimming in the lake.^^
^^House shopping! It was quite an experience with a brand new baby.^^
^^When you desperately need to take a nap, but get kicked out of your house for a showing. I had her usual nap spot in the front seat of my car while we were parked around the corner from the house with the dog in the backseat.^^
^^Baby snuggles! Also, she get really mad when she cannot fit her whole fist in her mouth.^^
^^On the right, our first trip to Louisiana to meet my friend Kristen!^^

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Baby Essentials | Birth to 3 months

We are about four months into this whole parenting thing and I loved looking at what everyone loved product-wise, so I figured I could share some of the things that we have loved these last few months.

Video Baby Monitor. We had decided on the Nest cam a while back, but we did not actually spend the money on it at first. Once Sloane started taking consistent naps in our bedroom, I decided that we needed to invest in a video camera and I am so glad we finally did. It makes it a lot easier to get stuff done around the house and not have to constantly be listening for her. The nest cam is technically supposed to be a security camera, but it works great as a baby monitor. It notifies me every time there is movement on the camera and also when it hears a sound. I can pull up the video basically on any device to watch and listen to her while she sleeps.

Sound Machine. Homegirl is obsessed with white noise. We use our Amazon Echo Dot as a white noise machine. We found the ocean waves song on Amazon music which is helpful because we have the same white noise on our phones so we can play it when we are on the go.

4moms mamaRoo. The mamaRoo was the best thing ever in those first few weeks. She slept in that thing overnight and it was amazing. She loved to be moving and that was where she was happiest. Now that she is no longer sleeping in that, she still loves to sit in it and stare at the mobile above her.

Bassinet.  We started using the bassinet for overnight sleeping after about two months. We have the Uppababy Vista stroller and it comes with a bassinet attachment. We also got the bassinet wood stand so that we can set that up in our bedroom. She loves sleeping in there and had no issues transitioning from the mamaRoo to the bassinet.

Swaddle. We use a swaddle every time that she sleeps at home. She loves being all cozy and snug. We use the Halo Sleep swaddle and we love that it has velcro because it makes it harder for her to break out of the swaddle. I would highly recommend a velcro swaddle, but I don't necessarily love the Halo. We got a good deal on ours since we found it at a garage sale, but I probably would not have bought it if it was full price. I have also heard great things about the Ollie swaddle, which is probably what I would have purchased if we did not already have one.

Gown Pajamas. These pajamas have no snaps or buttons or zipper. They have an open bottom which makes for easy diaper changes in the middle of the night. The ones from Carter's were great for us because they were smaller and they fit Sloane right away even though they were not preemie.

Convertible Carseat. We decided a while back that we were going to skip the infant carseat. I think I am going to do a whole post on that eventually, but basically it was the best thing for our family. We love our convertible carseat. We got the Chicco NextFit Zip, though I am not sure it was worth the extra $50 for the zip feature, but we liked the dark blue color best and they only had that in the Zip. Sloane loves it since it is extra cushy for her and when we have used other carseats while traveling, she has not done as well in those carseats.

Solly Baby Wrap. We love love love our Solly. Since we decided to skip the infant carseat, we needed something to carry her around when we are out and about. The Solly wrap is super soft and travels really easy. When not in use, it folds up nicely and fits in the diaper bag. There is a little bit of a learning curve to figure out how to tie the wrap on, but it is pretty easy once you have done it a few times. Sloane is guaranteed to fall asleep in it and she loves being so close and snuggled up with us. It also makes it easier to be out with her because you still have two hands to work with. I would highly recommend this product for everybody.

Rock 'n Play. The rock 'n play is great because it is a nice safe place to set baby down, especially since we have a dog. We got our second hand for super cheap and even though it is extremely basic we still love it. It has been a great place for her to hang out when she is awake and we are trying to get things done or get out of the house. Now that we are not using the mamaRoo for sleeping, I am not sure that we needed both, but the rock 'n play is more portable and we can move it from room to room in the house depending on where we need it.

Honest Diapers. This is definitely a preference thing, but we love our Honest diapers that get delivered right to our door. I signed us up for the service back when they were having a buy one bundle get one free so I saved us a ton of money on diapers for those first few months. We actually still have not used all of our stock of diapers so it has been great. We are still deciding on whether we will use those going forward, but so far they have been perfect.

Pacifier. We were hesitant at first to introduce the pacifier, but Sloane loves her pacifier and we cannot go without it. We love the Soothie pacifiers and the WubbaNub is clutch for nap time. The Wubbanub is a soothie pacifier with a small stuffed animal attached to it and it makes it harder for her to spit it out during nap time. If she does spit it out, usually it is easier for her to find again without needing us to give it to her again. There has been times that I have used it in the car too and she was able to find it and replace it without any help which is awesome since I can't help her when we are driving. We also invested in a pacifier clip finally which has made dropping the pacifier a lot harder to do. Before we got that, we were constantly picking it up off the dirty floor and now when Sloane drops it we do not have to worry about it falling. Seems pretty obvious, but it took us a while to be convinced that we needed one.

I am sure there are other people that would have a completely different list of needs, but this is what worked for us. It is funny reading different posts on what everyone deems necessary. Everyone has a different style of parenting and what works for one family may not work for another. But reading about other people's needs and reasoning really helped me decide what we would try and not try.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Weekend at the Lake

If you have been around these parts long enough you know that every year around the 11th of July my family plans time together. Since it is the anniversary of my mom passing we like to do something to keep our minds off that day. This year, we decided to rent a cabin on a lake about an hour south of Milwaukee. It ended up being the perfect location for everyone. We were able to go on the tube, water ski, ride in the boat, swim, fish, have bonfires, and lay in the sun. Something for the big and little kids to enjoy. Sloane even enjoyed being able to take regular naps in the cabin with the occasional swim in the lake. My family owned a cabin when we were younger and it was so much fun to enjoy the cabin life again.

Richard and I flew into Milwaukee early so that we could go to Summerfest, which is a big music festival held every year in Milwaukee. We had fun walking around, eating good food, drinking beer and enjoying the music. I'm glad that we were able to make that work. That night we met up with some family that live in Milwaukee to eat at one of Richard's favorite restaurants from when he used to live in Milwaukee.

After the time spent in Milwaukee we drove about an hour south to stay at a cabin on Lake Lily which was about 20 minutes from Lake Geneva. We spent the next few days there enjoying life on the lake.
^^On our way to Milwaukee! Plus, Summerfest!^^
^^Saz's mozzarella sticks!^^
^^Second cousins! And, a little cutie enjoying the boat.^^
^^Grandpa letting D drive the boat!^^
^^He loved tubing with his Auntie.^^
^^The fish Richard caught and the fish I caught. Mine was bigger ;)^^
^^Sloane's first time swimming!^^
^^Auntie love.^^
^^Sloane was so in love with her cousins.^^
^^My sister took some fun pictures of the bonfire by the lake.^^
^^Waterskiing! It was fun and exhausting doing that again. Also, we had some heavy rain which resulted in flash floods. Leaving the cabin with water up to our knees was an interesting event.^^
Overall, the weekend was a lot of fun and a relaxing way to enjoy the beautiful weather. We had an unlimited amount of things to keep us entertained. It truly was a great weekend.

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