Monday, June 5, 2017

Sloane Marie | Two Months

Sloane is already changing so much, especially in these last few weeks! She started packing on the weight recently and I can tell by her giant belly and cute thigh rolls. She has a pretty consistent routine which she fell into mostly on her own. She is mostly predictable which makes life a whole lot easier on us. She has been more interactive lately and she loves to make faces at us. She will smile when we smile occasionally, but you can see her little brain working to try and copy our faces. Sometime she will give these little half smiles like she is thinking about smiling, but she is not quite sure how to do it just yet. Her neck is getting stronger and she will hold her head up mostly on her own these days. She does tend to turn her head to her right more often than to the left so I am going to ask the doc about that. She is much more independent these days and is willing to play on her mat by herself. She kicks her feet and moves her arms while looking up at the mobile hanging above her and makes happy noises. Dressing her in her bigger clothes has been so much fun and we finally get to use all the cute outfits we stocked up on. We just love everything about this girl!

What's New?
First time on an Airplane
First trip to Minnesota and Wisconsin
First chiropractic adjustment
First time sleeping through the night
First responsive smile, but it is not consistent.

I don't want to forget The way she stretches in the morning after a long night. The little coos she makes when she is happy. The way her eyes glaze over when she gets her pacifier. Her stink eye when she wants to see what is going on, but does not want to fully open her eyes. Her tiny little hips that can't hold up her diaper or pants. Her little squawk when she wants you to know she is upset.

Weight: 10 pounds, 10 ounces. At Birth: 5 pounds 6 ounces

Height: 22 inches. At Birth: 18.5 inches

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Still blue!

Clothes: She is officially wearing 0-3 clothes! We just recently started putting her in those, but even in the last week they have started fitting her better. We will have to pack away the newborn clothes soon because they no longer fit.

Diapers: She just moved into size 1 this past week.

Nicknames: Homegirl, Princess, Princess Warrior, Peanut

Bath time, so warm!
Sleeping in the Solly wrap
Driving in the car
Gnawing on her hands
Her Pacifier
Pulling/grabbing mommy's hair

Getting out of the bath, so cold!
Being cold or hot
Missing out on the action
Getting the hiccups (She gets them at least once a day)
When the car stops moving

Eat: Sloane is very consistent when it comes to eating. She wants to eat every three hours almost to the minute. If she wakes up from a nap early she will sometimes want to eat closer to 2.5 hours. We are still exclusively breastfeeding and she is doing great. I am trying to build up a stash of frozen milk and maybe soon we will be able to give her a bottle. I have noticed recently that her feedings are taking less time in each sitting. It used t take her about 30 minutes and now it is closer to 15-20 minutes.

Sleep: This girl is an awesome sleeper! She started sleeping through the night this last month and the first night that happened was the night before Mother's Day. What a gift! I have been working hard this month to get her to fall asleep on her own without any help. She has done so well with zero crying! If we are at home and not planning on going somewhere, I make sure she gets a good nap in her bassinet. When she starts to get fussy I get her ready for sleep by swaddling her and turning on the white noise and laying her down for a nap. At first, I had to sit with her and gently rock her back and forth to get her to fall asleep. Now, she will fall asleep pretty easily on her own without issue. She will then sleep 1.5-2 hours. At night, we have essentially the same routine except she still sleeps in the mamaroo overnight. I don't turn it on anymore unless she is especially cranky or having a hard time falling asleep. I am hoping to transition her to the bassinet to sleep overnight soon. Once she is down for the night she will sleep until about 6 or 7 am.

6-7am She normally wakes up around this time. We are slowly working on having our official wake up time be 7 am for the day. She eats right away when she wakes up followed by about 30 minutes of being awake and happy.
The rest of these times are based on her waking up at 6. If she wakes up later then everything will shift by how much after 6 she woke up. No day is the exact same, but this is a rough estimate.
7 am About an hour after waking up she starts to get crabby and will go down for her first nap. Mommy usually naps with her at this time.
9 am She usually will wake up from her nap around this time to eat. After she eats we have 30 minutes of happy wake time. This is usually when she gets a bath if she needs one. Otherwise, she gets dressed for the day and we have some play time.
10 am She will go down for another nap an hour after waking up from her last one. This nap tends to be shorter and she will usually wake up after an hour and a half.
11:30 am She wakes up again to eat and we play for about a half hour.
12:30 pm Depending on what we have planned for the day this nap will either take place at home or on the go. We tend to meet up with people for lunch during this nap so it usually takes place in the car or at a restaurant. She will usually take a good nap even if we are on the go.
2:30 pm Time to eat again. Then she will be awake for about thirty minutes.
3:30 pm Nap time.
5:30 pm Feed then we usually go on a walk as a family so she falls asleep in her carrier.
7:30/8:30 pm Evenings are usually a question mark. She tends to eat closer together and she is usually crabby when she is awake. Sometimes she sleeps, sometimes she doesn't. We usually stay home at this time because we never know.
10 pm We have our last feeding at this time and then she goes down for the night. She usually falls asleep between 10:30 and 11.
^^That belly!^^
^^First drive in movie!^^
^^She loves her play yard.^^
^^Successful sleep in her bassinet.^^
^^Those eyelashes!!^^

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