Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sloane Marie | Three Months

What's new?
First bottle given by daddy
First baseball game, Texas Rangers
First time going bowling
Recognizes mommy's face
Holds head up steady
Smiles consistently

I don't want to forget the way she stretches in the morning after being un-swaddled. The face she makes when she recognizes me. The way she smiles when she is done nursing. The sound of her happy coos. When she will be crying hysterically, but you put the pacifier in and her eyes glaze over and she falls asleep for a split second. Her bald patch on the back of her head.

Weight: Probably around 12 pounds. No appointment this month.  At Birth: 5 pounds 6 ounces

Height: No appointment this month.  At Birth: 18.5 inches

Hair: Light Brown. It is also starting to fall out a little (insert sobbing emoji)

Eyes: Still blue. Richard thinks they are getting a little green tint to them.

Clothes: Still wearing 0-3. There are a few clothes in this size that are getting small, but most of the stuff still fits her pretty well. She will probably move into the next size by next month.

Diapers: Still in size 1.

Nicknames: Homegirl, Princess, Princess Warrior, Peanut, Pumpkin

Having a full tummy.
Her special white noise. It is guaranteed to get her to stop crying.
Bouncing on the exercise ball with Daddy
Her play mat--until it stopped working

Riding in the car for too long
When we don't let her get a full nap because we are not home
Eating when she is not hungry

Eat: She consistently eats every 3-4 hours. These last few weeks she has been weird about eating. She has been less interested and if she doesn't want to eat she will cry when I try to feed her. She definitely knows what she wants. There will also be times when she will cry and I have to calm her down with a pacifier before she will decide she is ready to eat. Not sure what that is about. I have noticed that she is eating for less time at each feeding, which I think is because she is not gaining weight quite as quickly. She really packed on the weight the first two months and that has slowed down a lot.

Sleep: Sleep is still pretty good and consistent. I was hoping that she would stretch her sleep to be more than 8 hours, but she is stuck on sleeping no more than eight hours. There are some days that she will wake up at 5:30 and not want to eat but she will need her pacifier to go back to sleep. Sometimes it takes her awhile to fall back to sleep too. I experimented a little bit this last month with putting her to bed earlier and having a "dream feed" right before I went to bed. It basically backfired and she would end up waking up earlier and being ready to be awake for the morning. So I stopped doing that. There are times during the day when she will take more than a 2 hour nap and I am never sure if I should let her keep sleeping or wake her up so that it does not interfere with night sleep. Part of me thinks she gets too much sleep during the day which is why her night time sleep has remained the same.

7am This is her normal wake up time. Sometimes it is earlier or later but it usually does not vary by more than 30 minutes in either direction. After eating she is usually awake and happy for about a half hour. We try to get dressed during this time, but it doesn't always happen. This is also when she normally would get a bath.
8 am About an hour after waking up she starts to get crabby and will go down for her first nap. This is usually her best and longest nap of the day. I usually end up waking her up to eat again.
10/10:30 am She usually will wake up from her nap around this time to eat. After she eats we have 30 minutes of happy wake time. I try to do tummy time every day during this time.
11 am She will go down for another nap an hour after waking up from her last one.
1:00 pm She wakes up again to eat and we play for about a half hour.
1:30 pm If we are going to go somewhere this is normally when we do that. Usually it is lunch with mommy's friend. Because we are out and about this nap usually is pretty short.
3:30 pm Time to eat again.
4:00 pm She is usually ready for a nap sooner at this time of day since she did not get a great nap while we were on the go.
5:30 pm Feed then we usually go on a walk as a family so she falls asleep in her carrier.
7:30/8:30 pm Evenings are usually a question mark. She tends to eat closer together and she is usually crabby when she is awake. Sometimes she sleeps, sometimes she doesn't. We usually stay home at this time because we never know.
10 pm We have our last feeding at this time and then she goes down for the night. She usually falls asleep between 10:30 and 11.

^^Tummy time! She doesn't mind it if we put the towel under her arms.^^
^^She loves to look at herself in the mirror.^^
^^Her playmat makes her so happy! She always starts giggling.^^
^^Those rolls!^^
^^Father's day festivities^^
^^Her typical walk attire.^^
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