Thursday, June 1, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend we headed up north to visit family! We had planned this out long before Sloane was born. My cousin was getting married so it was a perfect reason to take her to our home states to visit both sides of the family. It is so much harder to leave them all behind now that we have this little peanut. This was our first time traveling with Sloane which made things a lot more complicated, but overall she did really well. On both plane rides she cried a little, but nothing too bad so we were very happy. We spent the first few days with my family, introducing her to so many people in my huge family. We even had a quick coffee date with my two besties so we could catch up and they could meet Sloane.
^^She was having so much fun copying daddy's face on the plane and then shortly after this she fell asleep for the rest of the flight!.^^
^^Meeting her cousins (my niece and nephew) for the first time! I have loved on these two for the last five years and it was so fun to see them interact with Sloane. They loved holding her. In a few months we will add another cousin to the mix!^^
^^My dad and his wife. Grandpa is so proud of all of his grandchildren.^^
^^All dolled up for the wedding! We had to walk out of the church for a bit while she was fussy, but it was not too bad. She even partied all night with us and slept through most of the reception. She closed down the party with us and had no complaints about the loud music.^^
^^A large chunk of my cousins. We are still missing a few. The family just keeps on growing!^^
^^After a late night at the wedding, I was putting her to bed and she was all smiles. Apparently she likes weddings just as much as I do.^^

We spent the next few days with Richard's family where Sloane got to meet her Grandma, Grandpa and two of her uncles. All of them were so smitten with her and fought over who got to hold her next. This little one is going to be so spoiled by all of them. 
^^Grandma and Grandpa loved cuddling their first grandbaby! You could just feel all the love they showered this little girl with.^^
^^J was nervous to hold her at first because he did not want to hurt her, but once he did he felt much more confident to do it again and wanted to hold her non stop.^^
The weekend went by way to fast and we miss being home already. It is so hard to think that the next time she sees everyone she will be so much bigger. We have a few more trips scheduled this summer so they will see her a lot, but it still does not feel like enough. We will just have to take advantage of technology until we can meet again.

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