Thursday, May 18, 2017

Photo an Hour | Saturday

I decided over the weekend to record our day by taking a photo every hour. It was fun to take a snap shot of what a typical weekend looks like for us these days. I am sure as Sloane gets bigger the weekends will look dramatically different, but this way I can look back on them and remember. Our weekends already look pretty different compared to before she came. I took these pictures this past Saturday.

6 am
Richard woke up early without an alarm and decided to get ready to go for a run. Shortly after that I fed Sloane.
7 am 
Richard got back from his run around this time. He ran 5 miles total which took a little over an hour.  
8 am
Our Saturday morning routine these last few weeks has been to take a walk to our local Starbucks. It is less than a mile away and instead of loading up Sloane in the car seat, it is much more fun to walk.
9 am
We enjoyed sitting at Starbucks while Sloane ate again and then we walked back towards the house.
10 am
Richard has been using video chat to connect with his friend while his friend works on a paper. Basically it is just a way to help keep each other accountable. He usually watches Sloane and reads his own book at the same time.
11 am 
While Richard is still doing his video chat and holding Sloane, I worked on my blog post for Sloane's birth story. I still have not finished that yet, but I am getting closer.
12 pm
We have plans to go get lunch, so I take time to get ready before feeding Sloane so we can head out the door.
1 pm
Getting out the door takes forever these days, but we finally make it to our lunch destination. We wanted to enjoy sitting on the patio of our favorite restaurant. The weather was beautiful and Sloane was an angel as always.
2 pm
We finished up eating before heading home. Sloane wanted to make sure that pacifier did not fall out.
3 pm
Richard promised to help my sister out with the trunk of her car. Her trunk was stuck shut and they really wanted to have access to it again. Richard is great at this kind of stuff and it was much better than taking it to the dealer to get fixed.
4 pm
Success! Finally opened the trunk!
5 pm
Richard finished putting the car back together and we organized his tools again while my sister put Sloane to sleep. (and I forgot to take a picture at this time...oh well, close enough)

6 pm
We went for a walk, all four of us, around the neighborhood. Richard and I have been walking three miles every day and since my sister was around she joined us.
7 pm
Richard ran to get us all some food while my sister and I stayed home. It was time for Sloane to eat so we could not all run together.
8 pm
We decided to re-watch Big Bang Theory from the begining a few days ago so we enjoyed some of that this evening.

9 pm
Time for Sloane to eat and then we all go to bed! We are usually asleep by 10 pm which is early for a Saturday night, but it is the longest stretch that Sloane will sleep so there is no fighting it. She actually fell asleep by 9:30 tonight and slept until 6 am the next morning! That was the first time she did that for us, but it was pretty amazing!

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