Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Currently | March Edition

Happy first day of March! This is (hopefully) the last month I will have to get through before baby girl gets here! Eeek! She is coming so soon! I decided to join in on the Currently linkup with Anne since I actually remembered to write the post beforehand.

Watching Friends on repeat. Yes, I am obsessed and yes I rewatch them every so often. I swear they get funnier the more you watch them. But they are something that I can watch while I get other things done around the house. Win, win.

Eating as healthy as I possibly can. For me that means specifically planning meals that include meat and veggies because I am not good at eating those things without forcing myself. Oh, and in keeping the balance, I also have had my fair share of cake and ice cream recently.

Saying "Once the baby gets here" or "Before the baby gets here." Basically, we have only a few weeks left before she gets here so we are definitely preparing as much as we can. Which also includes doing things that will be harder once we have a baby.

Wearing All the baggy clothes and maternity leggings I can find. Comfort is key these days. Although, I usually put on a decent "outfit" when I actually leave the house.

Posting Not a whole lot of things actually. We have a lot of half finished projects that I have been taking pictures of so I don't have a whole lot to share which is weird for me. We just got our maternity pictures back (!!!) so once I figure out what we are buying I will post them!

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  1. Maternity photos - how fun! And kabobs are such a good way to get meat + veggies into a meal easily. Good reminder :) Thanks for joining in this month!

  2. Meat and veggies are such a great goal! We usually do a great job of meat + a side......and then we're like, oh crap, baby carrots I guess? haha. It does take so much planning! And how excitingggggg that your baby is coming soon!!!


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