Thursday, February 16, 2017

Nursery Ideas

For the last few weeks, we have been working to get the nursery up and running. Wanting to start and finish a room in such a short amount of time is not something we usually do. We usually add a few things to each room as we see fit so this whole process has been new to us. But so far things are going well. We have done quite a bit already and are basically working on the finishing touches and details.

Way back when we were in the middle of fertility treatments, I of course was looking at nursery themes and I found one that I fell in love with and it stuck from there. We decided to go with a Woodland Creatures theme, so owls, deer, foxes, etc. I love it so much and it has been so easy to find stuff that fits the theme. The theme is very subtle and basically we only see it in the wall decor which works out perfect. I am also a big fan of white furniture and then we added in touches of gold when available. Since most of the furniture and the rug we picked out were white or off white, we decided to put color on the walls. We wanted a very very light pink. After testing a few swatches, everything we were finding was still too pink but we were worried about going too light and the paint looking white. We ended up using Benjamin Moore Gentle Blush at 50% lighter. Even going that much lighter it turned out very obviously pink, but we are not repainting so it will have to be perfect. Richard painted two coats in the room entirely by himself one Saturday, he's the best.

We have made quite a few trips to Target to buy and return things we decided against through this process. Over this last weekend, we were in Target everyday and had something to buy and return each day. Through the process we have narrowed down our choices and so far so good. Here is what we have so far.

Crib: We bought the Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 crib. We have had this crib picked out for a while because it is made from solid wood and is an affordable GREENGUARD certified crib. Plus, it is super cute and clean looking so we love it.

Crib Sheet: I picked this owl crib sheet out from Pottery Barn Kids before we knew if we were having a boy or a girl. They have different color options that are not pink, but when we found out she is a girl pink was the best choice.

Dresser: We bought the typical Hemnes Dresser from Ikea but we got it in the "White Stain" color instead of "White". The color is more of a pure white instead of a creamy white. That way it matches our crib better. We also bought clear knobs with a gold plate from Hobby Lobby. It totally changes the look of this dresser and I love it.

Gilder: We had the most trouble finding a glider that we love. These things are so dang expensive and we wanted to make sure we got one that would fit both Richard and I. We decided on the Delta Children Emma Glider for a few different reasons. One, we could actually test it out by sitting in it at Target. Two, it matched our color scheme and design theme. Three, both Richard and I can sit in it comfortably, and I can even touch the floor while sitting all the way back (score!). So once we decided on this chair actually getting it ordered was quite the process. They did not have any in stock at any Target in our area. Then, they were sold out online as well. I kept checking back in to Target to see if they would restock it and finally, they did! But then I ran into an issue when ordering and the package was delayed in shipping. Basically, it was a mess, but she made it to the house and we love it so far!

Ottoman: We went back and forth on an ottoman for this room, but with the rug we decided on we ultimately decided that a pouf was our best option. Who knew these things were so spendy? We ended up with this knit sweater pouf from World Market with a 10% coupon. Yes!

Rug: I knew I wanted something light colored and furry for the rug in this room. There is just something very cozy about a furry rug. I had looked into a few options when it occurred to me that I already owned a Flokati rug as part of my photography props. It was white and the perfect size for the nursery so it worked out perfectly.

Deer Head: When I found this ceramic deer head from White Faux Taxidermy I immediately fell in love. He's just so fun and fits with our theme. Plus, did you see the gold antlers?

Fox Painting: We found this super cute painting at a cute boutique store close to where Richard's parents live. This was another thing that we saw and had to have. The artist who painted this is Dean Crouser and we have seen some of his paintings in other boutique types stores recently as well.

Lamp and Shade: This was another one of those items that we bought and returned quite a few times. I think at one point we had three different lamp bases and shades that we were testing out. So far we like the option pictured, but we have not officially decided yet so we will see how that goes. We bought the lamp base and shade from Target.

Gold Frames and Prints: We found these gold and white frames from Target and they work perfectly for framing some letter size prints that we got from a friend. I just love the gold! We also are planning on getting this Always Deer print from Etsy. It fits with the theme and who doesn't love a good Harry Potter reference?

Gold Basket: We found a great solution for headband storage when wondering the isles at Target. Can you tell our love of Target? They have this Calleo Hook Rail Collection where you can mix and match different hanging storage options. We decided on a white rail with three gold baskets to hang on the wall for headbands. At least that is our plan as of now, but we will see if we like it once we get a few more things on the wall.

We are excited to get this thing completely done, but I know it takes time so I am trying to be patient and enjoy the process. Hopefully we will have it all done and ready in the next few weeks!

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