Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Let the Countdown Begin

Borrowed a picture from my niece's newborn session. Isn't she just the cutest?
We have less than two months left before baby girl gets here and there is still so much to accomplish! We have a long list of things we would like to do and we will do our best to get to everything. There are definitely things on this list that are higher priority, but we made a list of everything we would like to to to accomplish in these next few weeks.

Finish Nursery. We have a lot of half done projects and ideas. Mostly, we just need to add the finishing touches to the room.

Organize nursery. We have so much stuff in the nursery right now and I want to organize everything so that it is a fully functional room.

Wash all baby clothes. Since most of our clothes are second hand, we want to make sure we have everything clean and ready to go for baby girl.

Wash all baby items. Again, we have a lot of items that we bought second hand that we need to clean and disinfect.

Paint main level bathroom. This has been something we have been working on for months. We finally picked out a color and bought paint so we just need to find the time to actually paint.

Build a behind the couch table. This has been on our list for a long, long time. It is just a very large project so we have been putting it off. Richard really wants to get this done before baby girl gets here.

Hang pictures on the wall. I have been very slow at deciding what I want on the walls around the house, but we have made a lot of decisions lately so we finally have items to hang on the walls.

Reorganize kitchen cabinets. We have had so much room in our cabinets that we have not had to make efficient use of space. But, we need to make space for all the baby things, plus some other things we have received recently.

Have a date day/night. Just some quality time with the hubs before the baby comes.

Set up baby items in living room and bedroom. So that we have everything up and ready to go for when we get home from the hospital.

Pack hospital bag. Eventually we will need to have those overnight bags packed, so we may as well do them sooner than later.

Take Paisley on more walks. To give our puppy some extra love before her whole world changes.

Install carseat. So that we are completely prepared for her.

Deep clean house. May as well do this in advance so that we can have the house clean and ready to go for when we bring baby girl home from the hospital.

Finish at least one photobook. I am two years behind on photobooks and I would love to be completely caught up, but I am hoping to have at least one done.

Put away Christmas decor. Ummm....no comment.

Add more recipes to recipe book. We have a recipe book that I created a while back, but I have not added new recipes to it in a while. Just something I have been meaning to do for a while.

Have a freezer meal prep day. Hopefully we can stockpile some meals in advance so that dinners are easier when we are low on sleep and time.

Make ice cream. Make Bread. Make Beer. All of these are things on Richard's list and things he has enjoyed doing recently. He has wanted to do them all for a while so hopefully we will have time for them.

Learn how to use embroidery machine. I have had an embroidery machine for a while, but I have not had the time to really learn how to use it. Now I have a whole lot of things that I want to make so I really need to learn how to use my machine.

Start baby book. Richard got me an amazing baby book for Christmas and I really want to start writing in it what I can before baby girl gets here.

Pick a pediatrician. We are supposed to have a pediatrician picked out so that we can have them come to the hospital after baby girl is born.

Submit taxes. Ugh. Taxes. My least favorite thing to do every year. But, it really needs to get done and soon.

Take time for me. Go get a manicure or a pedicure or a hair cut or anything along those lines.

Go to a movie. This is something that will be hard to do with a baby so we want to make sure we go to one before she gets here.

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