Friday, February 24, 2017

Five on Friday

It has been a while since I have done a post like this so I figured it was time. These posts are always fun for me because it is a easy way for me to give an update on some smaller things that are going on in our lives lately. So here it is, my Five on Friday.

one. This past weekend, Richard and I made the three hour drive to Shreveport, Louisiana in order to meet up with my friend Kristen. We have done this a few times in the last two years and it always works out great as a middle meeting point. The drive is way more fun when Richard comes with so I always try to convince him to join me. This time he was convinced when I said we could go get crawfish while we were in Louisiana. It is always a good time catching up with Kristen and I am glad we were able to squeeze in one more visit before baby girl gets here.
two. Also this past weekend, Richard and I head to our local flea market/trade market. We kept hearing about it but since they only do it one weekend a month, we always forgot about it. We finally remembered this past weekend and it was a lot of fun to walk around and see everything they have. We found a few great items that we are really excited about and it sparked a few house projects that we added to the list of things to do. Oh and crazy small world. We walked into a booth and they had a Home Sweet Home sign with Minnesota and Texas as the two O's in home. Then I noticed the girl running the booth had a Minnesota hat on so I asked her if she was from Minnesota and we are both from the exact same hometown in Minnesota and went to the same high school and her parents lived five minutes from where we lived growing up. So crazy!
three. After seeing the Home Sweet Home sign, we of course had to have it. We also found a cute white bench at the trade days which sparked a gallery wall in our little entry area in our house. We have thrown some ideas around about what we wanted to put in that space and we decided something functional, like a bench and shoe/purse/backpack area would be great. We have bigger long term plans that we will probably never actually get to, but when we found the bench we knew it would be perfect for that space. Then we came home and gathered up any artwork we already had, but have not actually hung yet and created a fun gallery! Richard has been dying to get me to agree to hang stuff on the walls and I finally decided what I wanted. The only thing we purchased was the wood arrow from Hobby Lobby because we needed something long and skinny to finish off the gallery. In the background you can see some templates for a wall of picture frames that we have planned for that space. I wanted to make sure the two galleries would complement each other before we actually hung anything. The basket in the corner will be used for shoes that we wear most often. Richard will be happy that my shoes will hopefully not end up all over the house anymore.
four. Last week, my sister and I headed to the Dallas Zoo together. Back before she moved here when she came to visit we went to check out the Fort Worth Zoo and I told her that I thought the Dallas one was better. So when she moved here she wanted to go to the Dallas Zoo and I told her we should wait until we have a baby and then we can take baby to the zoo. Well, that obviously took longer than we thought it would and now she will probably be leaving the state before baby girl is old enough to enjoy the zoo so it made sense to go before she gets here. We picked a gorgeous day to go and the weather was perfect. My sister also paid to feed the giraffes which she has always wanted to do so that was fun.
five. Another thing we bought from the Trade Days was this collar thing for Paisley. It is designed so that when she pulls it squeezes her flank, which is right behind her chest area. We took it for a test run the other night and it seemed to work better since she pulled a lot less than she normally does. It was not perfect and she would still pull on the leash quite a bit, but it was much better than normal. Paisley did not really like it, but she will get used to it.
Have a great weekend everybody!
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