Monday, February 13, 2017

Bumpdate | Week 32

How far along? 32 weeks, 1 day.

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a squash.

Gender: Hopefully, still a girl.

Weight Gain: About 18 pounds so far.

Maternity Clothes: Remember last time when I said I need more maternity clothes? Well I finally bought a few more items. I wanted some cute jeans for our maternity pictures coming up, plus a cute top to go with them. I was able to find both of those things plus two pairs of maternity leggings (so comfy!) that I can wear to yoga and around the house. I also invested in two more comfy bras. But for those 6 items I only paid $100 at Motherhood Maternity! I found some great clearance deals and everything was on sale so I was pumped about that. I should be all set for the rest of this pregnancy. Plus, these new pants are so much more comfortable than the other two pairs of pants I have been wearing. The panel that goes over my stomach is so much more stretchy so I don't have as much pressure on my belly. The other two pants were great when my stomach was not quite as large, but they're just not cutting it anymore.
Symptoms: I got the results of my one hour glucose test back and I passed, yay! For me, the drink really was not as bad as everyone says it is so I was grateful for that. While they were already drawing blood, I also had all my other levels checked. Turns out I am low on Iron and Vitamin B12, so my doctor switched out my prenatal to one that has more Iron in it. I will have to continue those until my levels get back up. I don't know that I ever mentioned the fact that I am also taking a Vitamin D supplement and have been since the begining. I am grateful that so far those are my biggest concerns. Otherwise, I have been feeling pretty good just very large. Last week I was on my feet a lot wearing Toms shoes which I regret. By the end of the day on Saturday my lower back was hurting so much it was hard to walk. So I definitely need to wear shoes with more support from now on. 
Movement: So as of my last doctor's appointment on the 8th, Baby Girl is laying sideways across my stomach, more upright than head down. The doctor told me she has plenty of time to turn into the head down position, but it is something that I am a little concerned about at this time. I can feel her head on the right side of my stomach just below my ribcage and what I think is her booty just to the left of my belly button. There will be random times when I feel her poking her head or her booty out of my stomach, and most of those times it kinda hurts. But, it is also pretty cool to feel the hardness in my belly that tells me where she is. I have still been having Braxton Hicks contractions, but I barely even pay attention to them anymore.

Sleep: Sleep has been good and bad. My yoga instructor taught us the best way to sleep to relieve pressure on the hips and belly. That has helped some, but sometimes I am more comfortable in a different position so I am doing my best. I am still waking up often to go to the bathroom and I usually wake up between 5am and 6am and have troubles falling back to sleep. There are days when I will lay awake for an hour around that time and then fall back to sleep for another couple of hours and there are days that I can't fall back asleep at all and just get up when Richard gets up. If I wake up too early I will usually need a nap at some point in the day to make up for it. 

Nursery Progress: We are making so much progress! I will have an additional blog post here soon, but putting this together has been so much fun. We painted the nursery two weekends ago now and I am in love. Since then we have made many different trips to Target to buy and return a variety of items. We have bought a whole bunch of lamps to test out in that space only to return them the next day because we did not like them. We have also had similar trials with different frames and shelves. It is a process, but slowly we have made major progress and we just have finishing touches to make at this point. Ah, so exciting!

Baby Purchases: Oh boy, where to start. Other than all the nursery items we have purchased, we have quite a few other things that we have bought or been gifted. Richard's parents bought us our stroller (all the heart eyes for that bad boy) and it showed up at the house a little while ago. I could not help but put it together immediately because I love it so much. Also, this last week I volunteered at this huge consignment sale in our area so that I could get into the consignment sale earlier to be able to purchase the best items. Richard and I went over this last weekend and we were in the store for about 4 hours before we left with all of our purchases. We scored some great deals on things like a rock n play, exersaucer and a playmat. We also found some things in great condition that we had either on our registry or had our eye on in the store, like the 4moms pack and play, the dekor diaper pail and the infantino baby food station. Plus, we got all the cute girl summer clothes for 3-6 months since we had like none in that size. Basically, the sale was awesome and so worth volunteering for to get in before everyone else does. Also, this cute headband is perfect!
Best Moment This Week: I have been to two prenatal yoga sessions now and I am loving them so far. They are way different than the yoga sessions I used to go to, but I still love them. Also, super small world. I went to lunch with three other women from my yoga class last week and it turns out that three of the four of us went through IVF to get pregnant. We had no idea until we started talking so that was super fun to figure out. Plus, being able to talk to other women who had to go through the embryo retrieval and the butt shots was just so cool.

Looking Forward To: Maternity pictures! We have those scheduled for two weeks from now and I am so excited! We only scheduled a mini session add on for a maternity session, but I figured 30 minutes of picture taking is plenty to get a few great shots. I can't wait to document this giant belly!

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