Friday, January 13, 2017

Michigan Wedding

It has been an interesting week and the posts I had planned for earlier this week sort of got lost in the mix. All that to say that I am finally getting around to writing out our fun weekend in Michigan.

We spent the weekend of New Years in Michigan so that we could be a part of our good friends' wedding on December 30th. We met Evan and Claire while living in Louisiana and Richard and Evan got very close. Richard was asked to be a groomsman a while back so we have ben looking forward to this wedding.

We landed in Michigan early on Thursday since we had the rehearsal dinner to go to that night. We had an early flight so we were both pretty tired by the time we got off the plane, got our rental car and located our hotel. We had a couple hours to kill before checkin so we decided to go see the movie Sing together. The movie was cute and it was the perfect way to relax before the weekend festivities started. We then checked into the hotel, took a nap and headed out to the rehearsal. Once the rehearsal was done, we went with the group to a restaurant for a nice dinner together. It was fun being able to catch up with friends from Louisiana, as well as meet the rest of the bridal party. Evan gave socks to every groomsman/usher, each with their own meaning behind them. Richard's had teeth on them for our long ago weekend in New Orleans. Not exactly a story I am going to share on the blog, but it is one of the best memories we have with Evan and Claire.
The next day was wedding day, so Richard was busy most of the day so I went to lunch with a few friends from Louisiana who were also guests of the wedding. After that, us girls went to go get manicures together which was fun since I never do that and I loved my nails. Then we all got ready and headed to the wedding. The venue was amazingly gorgeous. The rest of the night was filled with a fantastic dinner, great drinks and a whole lot of dancing. It was really a fun and memorable night and we are so glad that we got to be a part of their special day.
The next day was New Year's Eve and since they knew people would still be in town from the wedding, Evan and Claire rented out a house for us to hang out in for the night. There were over forty people that came to the house throughout the night and we were lucky enough to have been given one of the five beds to sleep on. Benefit of being pregnant. In the three years we spent in Louisiana, never did we spend New Year's Eve with our Louisiana friends because it always was during break so everyone went home for the holidays. It was fun to actually spend New Years with them and to be on the east coast when the ball drops so it actually drops at midnight.
We spent New Year's Day traveling back to Texas and while it was not necessarily in Michigan, that same weekend we were lucky enough to get tickets to the Cotton Bowl. Richard grew up in Wisconsin so of course he was excited to see them play. Plus, it was a fun way for us to see AT&T Stadium since we have not been there yet. Such a fun experience and we are glad that we could go to see the game.
The whole weekend was so much fun and yet so exhausting. By the end of the weekend we were both so tired, but that just shows how much fun we had. I am glad that we were able to travel to Michigan to be a part of such a great weekend.

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