Monday, January 30, 2017

Bumpdate | Week 30

How far along? 30 weeks, 1 day.

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a cucumber.

Gender: Baby girl!

Weight Gain: About 16 pounds so far. I have gained more recently than in the weeks prior, but still seems to be on track.

Maternity Clothes: While I have not purchased any new maternity clothes, I do think I may need some new pants. I have only bought a pair of maternity jeans and a pair of black leggings so far, but both are getting uncomfortable to wear for longer periods of time. So we will see. My favorite "maternity" clothes have been Richard's sweatpants, t-shirts and sweatshirts. I wear those as often as possible because nothing I own is quite comfortable enough. Also, getting dressed has become quite the battle lately. Getting tight fitting pants over this giant belly and bending over to put socks on is quite the scene. 

Symptoms: Going to the bathroom all the time. Or really, feeling like I need to go all the time, but not actually needing to go. This is especially annoying when Richard and I try to be healthy and go for a walk and twenty minutes into the walk, I really need to go. Baby girl apparently really enjoys sitting right on my bladder. My belly has gotten pretty large recently and random strangers are now comfortable to assume that I am pregnant. But, I still get judged because people tell me I look like I am a teenager so that is always fun. 

Movement: The last time I was at the doctor's office, I asked for them to tell me how baby is positioned. She is laying across my stomach sort of, but on the left side of my stomach I keep feeling her little butt. So she is not quite head down yet, but there is still plenty of time left. Otherwise, I feel her moving all the time which is so cool, yet has started to become painful. She still sits pretty low and which is where I feel her the most. Oh, and she gets hiccups at least once a day which feels so weird. Richard was concerned about it and the doctor reassured him that having hiccups is actually a good sign.

Sleep: Sleep has been not as great as before, but still not too bad. I wake up so often to go to the bathroom and then there will be times when I really struggle to fall back to sleep. I have also noticed that I will wake up after a few hours of laying in one position and will notice numbness in my hands, but on the opposite side. For example, if I am laying on my left side, I will wake up and my right hand will be numb. It is the same feeling as when you leg falls asleep. I am sure it is because I am pinching some nerve, but it is super weird. I also have noticed the weight of my belly more so sleeping with a pillow wedged under my belly really helps make me more comfortable.

Nursery Progress: So much progress! I have had so much fun planning and shopping for the nursery this past week. It has been my "project" this week and I think I am tiring Richard out with all my planning. I have so many pictures of things that I like from different stores that could work for the nursery. We so far have bought a crib, a rocker, a crib mattress, a changing pad, and new knobs for the dresser. We also had an extensive process to pick out a paint color, but we finally picked one and will probably start painting next weekend. We are still waiting for a lot of things to be delivered so we basically just have ideas at this point. But things are moving and we will hopefully have a lot more to report on soon!

Baby Purchases: With all the nursery stuff we just bought and all the baby products we got at the baby shower (woot!), we are trying to wait on anything else for a little while. We have plenty of time before baby girl gets here so we will buy everything we need eventually.

Best Moment This Week: We started our baby class last week and it was fun and informative. We will be doing that every Thursday for the next 8 weeks. It ends up being a long night, but I am glad that we signed up for it. Also, having my first week at home and not working was pretty sweet. I love having so much energy and free time to get things done.

Looking Forward To: Prenatal yoga! I signed up for a class that meets once a week for a little over an hour and I am super pumped. I loved doing yoga before I got pregnant because it really helps me relax so I figured prenatal yoga would be just as helpful. I can't wait to go to my first class this week.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Baby It's Cold Outside | Baby Shower

This past weekend, I headed with my sister back to Minnesota for my baby shower! Between my sisters, aunts, friend and mother-in-law, the party was a huge success. I am so glad that I have so many amazing women in my life that are willing to come together to celebrate our baby girl. We definitely felt the love from everyone at the shower! A huge thanks to everyone who helped put this shower together. I had two different people who took pictures of the party for me. Normally, that is my job so it was fun to let someone else do it. Here are all the pictures from the day! The theme for the shower was Baby It's Cold Outside and it came together so perfectly!
^^Thumbprint tree from all the guests. This will definitely be hung in the nursery!^^
^^Pre-addressed thank you cards!^^
^^So many fun headbands made at the headband station! Can't wait to use them all.^^
^^Diaper cake made by one of my besties. Everything she makes always turns out so cute!^^
^^Hot Cocoa bar that my dad's wife Michelle put together. It was so beautifully done and one of my favorite details from the day.^^
^^My Mommy to be pin!^^
^^We played a He Said, She Said game where Richard and I answered questions ahead of time and people had to guess if I said it or Richard.^^
^^The other game we played was where a basket full of baby stuff was brought out for a few minutes and everyone had to memorize what was in the basket.^^
^^I had to pick out my favorite headbands for a prize.^^
^^A fox lovie made by one of my friends. I love it!^^
^^A beautiful quilt made by one of my Aunts. She gives them to all the second cousins so they all have similar quilts which is so fun.^^
^^My two besties! They are the best!^^
^^My sisters and future Aunties!^^

^^Richard's mom!^^

Again, thank you to everyone who helped put this shower together and everyone who took time out of their day to come. This shower is one of those things I questioned would ever happen for me. When you go through infertility, you dream about the day you can shop for an actual baby, or have a shower to celebrate that baby. This little one is a true miracle and I am thankful every single day that I have been blessed and trusted to be her mother.

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