Thursday, December 1, 2016


Four day weekends are the best! I wish it was totally acceptable for every weekend to be a long weekend. Heading back to work after long weekends is never fun though. Last week we were low on kids at our school so I actually hardly worked at all and it was beautiful. Especially since I was so tired from graduation weekend it was a nice way to recover.

Back to Thanksgiving Weekend. We started our weekend out by having a date night on Wednesday night. We have been wanting to see the newest JK Rowling movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The movie actually came out on Richard's birthday and it would have been the best to go see it then, but unfortunately that was also graduation weekend so we had to delay our date night celebration. We decided to try out a new theater that just opened somewhat close to our house. Eat in movie theaters are a big deal around here and we have tried quite a few, but this theater was even better. Their ticket prices were pretty similar to other theaters except that this theater had legitimate reclining leather seats and their food menu was really good as well. Plus, it is closer to our house than the other theaters so everything worked out. Basically it is our newest favorite theater and we will be going there from now on. The movie was everything we hoped it would be and it definitely did not disappoint!
Thursday, Richard went for a short run while I made my grandma's caramel roll recipe. It has basically been the only thing I have been craving in this pregnancy so I was super excited. It turned out darker than it normally does, so I wonder if I over cooked it a bit, but it was still very tasty. Then we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in the morning and the Vikings game to follow. Then we cleaned up around the house, started working on the Christmas decor and binge watched Gilmore Girls in preparation for their new episodes. We decided against going shopping on Thursday since we did not see anything advertised that was worth fighting the crowds for.
Friday, we woke up super early and met my sister at the mall at 7am for some Black Friday shopping. We hit up a bunch of stores in the mall, scoring some good deals on gifts at a few places, plus finding a few things for ourselves as well. We then headed over to the city where my sister lives because we were meeting up with the girl I bought all the baby clothes from. Once we bought a whole bunch of baby clothes, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch before continuing our shopping at Costco, Target, and Walmart. Again, more good deals on gifts for people. After shopping for 8 hours straight, we were pretty worn out and headed home to watch the new Gilmore Girls episodes. So good!

Saturday, we were hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at our house for us and my sister and her husband, so the morning was spent mostly just preparing for that. My sister is a nurse and she had to work on Thanksgiving day so we agreed to have a delayed Thanksgiving. Richard made a whole bunch of things from scratch this year. First, he made the turkey and prepared it a few days in advance. He also made apple pie from scratch, including the dough! We had only intended on making one pie, but he had cut up way too many apples so we ended up making a whole second pie. Lastly, he made cornbread from scratch, his family's cheesy potato recipe, plus I made stuffing (from a box) and mashed potatoes. After dinner, we played some games together before my sister and her husband headed home.
Sunday, we basically used as a resting day. We did some more cleaning, finished the Christmas decor, finished watching Gilmore Girls and I organized all of our baby clothes. We ate a whole bunch of leftovers, played Blokus together and went for a walk to walk off all the pie we had been eating. I had a last minute massage scheduled for that afternoon, because between all the shopping and decorating my back really started to hurt. Prenatal massages just are not as relaxing as a normal massage because you can't lay on your belly, but it is still worth it. After my massage, we rented the movie War Dogs (great movie!) and ate more food. We (mostly Richard) have had Thanksgiving leftovers for days!

So overall it was a pretty busy weekend, but we were able to accomplish a lot of things in a short amount of time. Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite meal of the year, but these days I can only eat so much before I feel too full so unfortunately I did not get to eat as much as I wanted to. But still delicious all the same and I love being able to do this together since it is too hard to head back to Minnesota for Thanksgiving. Now it is the Christmas season, the best time of the year! Ready to soak it all up!

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