Monday, December 12, 2016

Stitch Fix | Maternity

I love Stitch Fix so much and since becoming pregnant I have wanted to check out their maternity selection. However, their clothes tend to be pretty pricey which I usually don't mind too much, but I can only wear maternity clothes for so long before I no longer need them. At first I debated whether it would really be worth doing for maternity clothes, but the deciding factor was that I needed a black dress for a wedding coming up at the end of December. I had searched online a little for a dress that would work, but everything I found was either too pricey, or I was not sure if it would actually work on me. I was really hesitant to buy such an expensive and specific item without trying it on.  So I figured I could request a black dress in my fix and if I loved it great and if I hated it, I could go back to the online stores and order something off them instead. Spoiler alert, the black dress they sent me I love and decided to keep.

For those of you who have never heard of Stitch Fix, here is the concept. You fill out an online profile of your size and style, and from there your stylist picks out 5 items to send to your front door. Then you can try on the clothes in your own home and decide what you like (and would like to keep) and what you do not like (and would like to send back). They even include a pre-paid shipping bag for all of the clothes you want to send back. It costs $20 to send your box, but if you like something and decide to keep it, the $20 can be applied to your purchase as a credit. If you do not like anything and decide to send it all back, you pay the $20 as a "styling fee". Also, if you keep everything in the box, you get 25% off the entire purchase.

Market & Spruce-Alma Maternity Knit Top- $44 {Kept} pictured below
This shirt is super comfy and super flattering. With the rouched side, I can expect it to last through this pregnancy. I love that it is short sleeved, but made of a heavier fabric so it is perfect for winter, especially in Texas.

Liverpool-Mira Maternity Skinny Jeans- $78 {Sent Back} pictured below
The first thing I noticed about these pants were that they were so so comfortable. They look like jeans, but they were more like leggings and were super stretchy. I really really wanted to get these, but I already have a pair of dark maternity skinny jeans that are almost identical so I could not justify the price of these. If they had been any other shade of jean I probably would have kept them. Also, looking at these pictures I notice that they were hard to roll at the bottom and looked silly with my shoes.

En Creme-Hilli Open Drape Cardigan- $58 {Kept}
I love everything about this cardigan! First of all I can wear it even when not pregnant which is a huge bonus. I have been looking for something like this for years and never found anything I loved. I love that there is a fun design, but it is subtle at the same time. Super thick and warm and oh so in love.

Market & Spruce-Sollas Long Sleeve shirred Cuffs Maternity Knit Top- $48 {Sent Back}
I really loved this shirt. The cut was super flattering and it fit great. However, I only currently have one pair of maternity jeans and the color of this shirt was almost identical to the jean color, which I was not thrilled about. Had the above jeans been a different color, I probably would have kept this shirt as well. So I came really close to keeping everything from this box, but in the end decided to save the $50 difference and not get the two items I did not need.

Tart-Gemma Knit Maternity Dress- $88 {Kept}
This is the whole reason I wanted to schedule this fix and I am so glad that I fell in love with this dress. It is very simple, but I love that it is fitted to show off the bump and I can totally dress it up or down depending on when I wear it. Also, it is really thick and double layered so that its smoother and warmer which is perfect for a winter wedding. These pictures are not a great representation of the dress, but it is perfect and I love it.
Stitch Fix won me over again! Most of my favorite shirts and tanks come from them so I know I can trust them to find me something great. If you would like to give Stitch Fix a try, here is my referral link! So worth it!

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