Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Currently | December Edition

I have finally remembered to actually join in on this link up! The first Wednesday of every month,  Anne hosts a Currently link up and most of the time I forget to actually participate until the day after. Whoops. So here is what we are up to currently!

Doing a whole lot of DIY projects for Christmas gifts. Richard is really into doing everything ourselves these days with his abundance of free time. He keeps adding DIY gifts to the list of things we need to get done and we finally had to cut off the list because we are running out of time to get everything done.

Enjoying time with my husband! Life is so different now days its hard to believe. I suppose I should not really get used to it since baby girl will be here soon, but for now I am loving it. We did some Christmas shopping and sight seeing last weekend and it was the best.
Cooking cookies! More like baking, but close enough. We have a tradition to bake cookies together every year and have plans to do that this weekend. We made a list of everything we want to make last weekend and then went shopping for all the ingredients. We are making a few new recipes this year so it should be a fun experience!

Wrapping nothing yet. We are very bad at waiting until Christmas eve to wrap all our presents. Although, this year we are hoping to actually wrap most of our presents before we head to Minnesota next week. We shall see if we actually have time for that.

Playing Christmas music, all day every day! I love Christmas music and I rarely get sick of it. But, I only listen to it during the month of December. I just can't bring myself to listen to anything else. It's the Christmas season!

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  1. Love your cookie baking tradition, so fun!

  2. My "cooking" is definitely all about the cookies too :) Enjoy this season with your hubby, and thanks for linking up!


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