Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Tradition - Cookies!

Over the years, Richard and I have developed a few traditions that we try to do every year. Our favorite one is spending an entire weekend baking Christmas cookies. This year we went a little overboard and baked so many cookies! More than we have ever baked before. I think we estimated we made over 500 cookies. We usually make enough so that we can give some away as presents to a few people, plus we can bring some back to Minnesota with us when we head there.
This year we changed up the recipes we made a little bit. We started out by making almond sugar cookies with a recipe we got from a friend. These cookies are my favorite and I have been craving them for a while so I am so glad she was willing to share her recipe. These cookies required us to roll them out, use cookie cutters, bake and then frost them. We made the most of this cookie because they are the most fun to make and the most festive of all the cookies. We wanted to put red frosting on them, but we added three tubes of red food coloring gel and the frosting still turned out pink. Oh well. We also intended to make green frosting, but we made so much pink on accident that we were able to frost all the cookies.
Richard also wanted to make the pieces to assemble a gingerbread house with his brothers. This required some planning out. We made some templates for the houses and then cut the dough out. It was hard to keep everything exact, but Richard did a really good job and they turned out perfect.
Next we made one of my favorites, peanut butter blossoms. I am not a big fan of peanut butter, but I love these cookies. Its weird I know, don't ask. These cookies were so much easier than all the others we had done so they went pretty quick.
Then Richard made some recipes by himself because I was really tired of making cookies. Like I said, we were over ambitious this year. He then made Mexican wedding cakes, peppermint bark and his family's secret recipe for a pastry called horns.
We packaged up a few plates and trays of cookies for friends and saved the rest for our family once we get to Minnesota. I plan on bringing a bunch to work because we have way too many cookies.
I love this tradition and I am sure we will continue it in the many years to come. Maybe just not as many cookies.
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