Monday, December 5, 2016

Bumpdate | Week 22

How far along? 22 weeks, 1 day.

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a papaya.

Gender: Still a girl! 💕

Weight Gain: About 8 pounds so far.

Maternity Clothes: Oh yeah. Although, I have not really bought anything new recently. I definitely cannot get away with most of my normal clothes anymore. Maternity clothes are far more flattering for me. Right now, I have been wearing mostly tight fitting clothes to show off the bump more. When I wear looser fitting clothes, I just look like I have put on a little weight. I try to wear the tighter fitting clothes as much as possible since that is what looks best and I am sure I will fill out my looser clothes soon.

Symptoms: Nothing too terrible so far. Lately, my ribcage right below where my bra hits my chest has been hurting. I'm sure it is just because of the expansion happening in my midsection right now, but it feels weird and makes me nervous sometimes. At night these last few weeks I have been getting especially uncomfortable. It is usually a result of me eating too much at dinner and then I feel like I can't breathe and I can't get comfortable. I have not quite figured out how to avoid this because even when I barely eat anything with dinner, I still don't feel great. I have also just been feeling large in general, haha. I can definitely feel the difference.

Movement: Baby girl is moving all the time! I can feel her most right when I wake up and when I eat or drink. I still try to get Richard to feel her, but it is still hard to feel so he usually gives up after a few minutes. I read in one of the weekly updates I read that you can start to see the movement when you look at your stomach this week. I decided to test this out and I can totally see it which is so cool! Richard was even able to see the movement the other day. He can't feel it all the time, but he can see it!

Sleep: As soon as I wrote last week that sleep was going great, I all of a sudden have not been able to fall asleep. I can be so tired when I get home from work, but by the time bed time rolls around I am wide awake with no chance of sleep anytime soon. So I have been staying up later, but I have also been able to stay asleep longer in the morning so it is not too terrible. 

Baby Purchases: For graduation, I bought Richard a cute little outfit representing his school. So overpriced, but so stinking cute! We also bought a very basic pack and play on Black Friday since it was on sale. I also went a little crazy and bought a cute hat on Etsy. I have been in love with this hat for a while and since we are 95% sold on a name, I went ahead and bought it. I figure if we decide to change the name we can also buy another hat, but I just could not resist buying it. I have a problem. 
Best Moment This Week: Nothing really big happening around here. The best moments were pretty much just me feeling and seeing her move. That will never get old.

Looking Forward To: It is still really far off, but the invites to my baby shower were sent out last week. I love the invites and I am already getting excited. It is still weird to me that there will actually be a baby shower thrown for me. There was a long time when I did not think that would ever happen.
^^Comparison of the last few weeks. My belly has not grown much outward since 14 weeks, but the belly is definitely filling out more above my belly button.^^

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