Monday, December 19, 2016

Bumpdate | Week 24

How far along? Currently 24 weeks, 1 day.  Picture taken at 23 weeks, 4 days (before we left for Minnesota).

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a cantaloupe.

Gender: Baby girl :)

Weight Gain: I have not had the chance to weigh myself recently, but I would guess around 9-10 pounds.

Maternity Clothes: I have not bought any more maternity clothes recently. I did buy another maternity dress a few weeks back because I need a dress for the rehearsal dinner for a wedding we are going to next week and I figure I can wear it to my baby shower too. Otherwise, I am doing my best to stick with what I have for now.

Symptoms: I have actually been feeling really great! I still have some back pain, but it has been pretty manageable since I am still going to the Chiropractor often enough. The pain used to be mostly in my upper back and neck, but lately I have been having some pain in my low back. I have had issues with this in the past so it is not exactly new, but I have noticed it is harder for me to make it feel better on my own. Other than that, I have had some shortness of breath, especially when I eat too much. I have also been struggling with not being hungry much so I have to be really careful about snacking. If I eat too many snacks, then I will be too full for a real meal after that.

Movement: All the time! I have been feeling her more consistently in the mornings and nights, usually when I am laying in bed. Feeling her move is seriously the best part of this whole thing. There are times these days where I can feel her shift into a position where she puts a lot of pressure on one part of my stomach. Then after a few minutes the pressure goes away. So weird, but so cool!

Sleep: Sleep has been good and bad. I can be so exhausted from the day, but I will still have a hard time falling to sleep. Some days are better than others. Usually though once I fall asleep I will stay asleep until morning, with the exception of a few bathroom breaks. I think the pregnancy pillow has been really helpful in that area. On the few nights where I do sleep without it, I really struggle to stay asleep. 

Baby Purchases: I am really proud to say that we have been able to hold off on the baby purchases recently. We have been buying Christmas presents and other things so we have been trying really hard not to spend too much money. We also have not really figured out what we want to do for a nursery yet so I am sure we will start buying all the baby things soon.

Best Moment This Week: Being back in the Minneapolis area and getting to see my extended family. We had our first Christmas celebration over the weekend and it is always fun to see everyone and catch up.

Looking Forward To: More time in Minnesota and seeing more family over the next week. We have a Christmas to celebrate with both sides of our family and it should be a fun time! 

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Tradition - Cookies!

Over the years, Richard and I have developed a few traditions that we try to do every year. Our favorite one is spending an entire weekend baking Christmas cookies. This year we went a little overboard and baked so many cookies! More than we have ever baked before. I think we estimated we made over 500 cookies. We usually make enough so that we can give some away as presents to a few people, plus we can bring some back to Minnesota with us when we head there.
This year we changed up the recipes we made a little bit. We started out by making almond sugar cookies with a recipe we got from a friend. These cookies are my favorite and I have been craving them for a while so I am so glad she was willing to share her recipe. These cookies required us to roll them out, use cookie cutters, bake and then frost them. We made the most of this cookie because they are the most fun to make and the most festive of all the cookies. We wanted to put red frosting on them, but we added three tubes of red food coloring gel and the frosting still turned out pink. Oh well. We also intended to make green frosting, but we made so much pink on accident that we were able to frost all the cookies.
Richard also wanted to make the pieces to assemble a gingerbread house with his brothers. This required some planning out. We made some templates for the houses and then cut the dough out. It was hard to keep everything exact, but Richard did a really good job and they turned out perfect.
Next we made one of my favorites, peanut butter blossoms. I am not a big fan of peanut butter, but I love these cookies. Its weird I know, don't ask. These cookies were so much easier than all the others we had done so they went pretty quick.
Then Richard made some recipes by himself because I was really tired of making cookies. Like I said, we were over ambitious this year. He then made Mexican wedding cakes, peppermint bark and his family's secret recipe for a pastry called horns.
We packaged up a few plates and trays of cookies for friends and saved the rest for our family once we get to Minnesota. I plan on bringing a bunch to work because we have way too many cookies.
I love this tradition and I am sure we will continue it in the many years to come. Maybe just not as many cookies.
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Monday, December 12, 2016

Stitch Fix | Maternity

I love Stitch Fix so much and since becoming pregnant I have wanted to check out their maternity selection. However, their clothes tend to be pretty pricey which I usually don't mind too much, but I can only wear maternity clothes for so long before I no longer need them. At first I debated whether it would really be worth doing for maternity clothes, but the deciding factor was that I needed a black dress for a wedding coming up at the end of December. I had searched online a little for a dress that would work, but everything I found was either too pricey, or I was not sure if it would actually work on me. I was really hesitant to buy such an expensive and specific item without trying it on.  So I figured I could request a black dress in my fix and if I loved it great and if I hated it, I could go back to the online stores and order something off them instead. Spoiler alert, the black dress they sent me I love and decided to keep.

For those of you who have never heard of Stitch Fix, here is the concept. You fill out an online profile of your size and style, and from there your stylist picks out 5 items to send to your front door. Then you can try on the clothes in your own home and decide what you like (and would like to keep) and what you do not like (and would like to send back). They even include a pre-paid shipping bag for all of the clothes you want to send back. It costs $20 to send your box, but if you like something and decide to keep it, the $20 can be applied to your purchase as a credit. If you do not like anything and decide to send it all back, you pay the $20 as a "styling fee". Also, if you keep everything in the box, you get 25% off the entire purchase.

Market & Spruce-Alma Maternity Knit Top- $44 {Kept} pictured below
This shirt is super comfy and super flattering. With the rouched side, I can expect it to last through this pregnancy. I love that it is short sleeved, but made of a heavier fabric so it is perfect for winter, especially in Texas.

Liverpool-Mira Maternity Skinny Jeans- $78 {Sent Back} pictured below
The first thing I noticed about these pants were that they were so so comfortable. They look like jeans, but they were more like leggings and were super stretchy. I really really wanted to get these, but I already have a pair of dark maternity skinny jeans that are almost identical so I could not justify the price of these. If they had been any other shade of jean I probably would have kept them. Also, looking at these pictures I notice that they were hard to roll at the bottom and looked silly with my shoes.

En Creme-Hilli Open Drape Cardigan- $58 {Kept}
I love everything about this cardigan! First of all I can wear it even when not pregnant which is a huge bonus. I have been looking for something like this for years and never found anything I loved. I love that there is a fun design, but it is subtle at the same time. Super thick and warm and oh so in love.

Market & Spruce-Sollas Long Sleeve shirred Cuffs Maternity Knit Top- $48 {Sent Back}
I really loved this shirt. The cut was super flattering and it fit great. However, I only currently have one pair of maternity jeans and the color of this shirt was almost identical to the jean color, which I was not thrilled about. Had the above jeans been a different color, I probably would have kept this shirt as well. So I came really close to keeping everything from this box, but in the end decided to save the $50 difference and not get the two items I did not need.

Tart-Gemma Knit Maternity Dress- $88 {Kept}
This is the whole reason I wanted to schedule this fix and I am so glad that I fell in love with this dress. It is very simple, but I love that it is fitted to show off the bump and I can totally dress it up or down depending on when I wear it. Also, it is really thick and double layered so that its smoother and warmer which is perfect for a winter wedding. These pictures are not a great representation of the dress, but it is perfect and I love it.
Stitch Fix won me over again! Most of my favorite shirts and tanks come from them so I know I can trust them to find me something great. If you would like to give Stitch Fix a try, here is my referral link! So worth it!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Currently | December Edition

I have finally remembered to actually join in on this link up! The first Wednesday of every month,  Anne hosts a Currently link up and most of the time I forget to actually participate until the day after. Whoops. So here is what we are up to currently!

Doing a whole lot of DIY projects for Christmas gifts. Richard is really into doing everything ourselves these days with his abundance of free time. He keeps adding DIY gifts to the list of things we need to get done and we finally had to cut off the list because we are running out of time to get everything done.

Enjoying time with my husband! Life is so different now days its hard to believe. I suppose I should not really get used to it since baby girl will be here soon, but for now I am loving it. We did some Christmas shopping and sight seeing last weekend and it was the best.
Cooking cookies! More like baking, but close enough. We have a tradition to bake cookies together every year and have plans to do that this weekend. We made a list of everything we want to make last weekend and then went shopping for all the ingredients. We are making a few new recipes this year so it should be a fun experience!

Wrapping nothing yet. We are very bad at waiting until Christmas eve to wrap all our presents. Although, this year we are hoping to actually wrap most of our presents before we head to Minnesota next week. We shall see if we actually have time for that.

Playing Christmas music, all day every day! I love Christmas music and I rarely get sick of it. But, I only listen to it during the month of December. I just can't bring myself to listen to anything else. It's the Christmas season!

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Bumpdate | Week 22

How far along? 22 weeks, 1 day.

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a papaya.

Gender: Still a girl! 💕

Weight Gain: About 8 pounds so far.

Maternity Clothes: Oh yeah. Although, I have not really bought anything new recently. I definitely cannot get away with most of my normal clothes anymore. Maternity clothes are far more flattering for me. Right now, I have been wearing mostly tight fitting clothes to show off the bump more. When I wear looser fitting clothes, I just look like I have put on a little weight. I try to wear the tighter fitting clothes as much as possible since that is what looks best and I am sure I will fill out my looser clothes soon.

Symptoms: Nothing too terrible so far. Lately, my ribcage right below where my bra hits my chest has been hurting. I'm sure it is just because of the expansion happening in my midsection right now, but it feels weird and makes me nervous sometimes. At night these last few weeks I have been getting especially uncomfortable. It is usually a result of me eating too much at dinner and then I feel like I can't breathe and I can't get comfortable. I have not quite figured out how to avoid this because even when I barely eat anything with dinner, I still don't feel great. I have also just been feeling large in general, haha. I can definitely feel the difference.

Movement: Baby girl is moving all the time! I can feel her most right when I wake up and when I eat or drink. I still try to get Richard to feel her, but it is still hard to feel so he usually gives up after a few minutes. I read in one of the weekly updates I read that you can start to see the movement when you look at your stomach this week. I decided to test this out and I can totally see it which is so cool! Richard was even able to see the movement the other day. He can't feel it all the time, but he can see it!

Sleep: As soon as I wrote last week that sleep was going great, I all of a sudden have not been able to fall asleep. I can be so tired when I get home from work, but by the time bed time rolls around I am wide awake with no chance of sleep anytime soon. So I have been staying up later, but I have also been able to stay asleep longer in the morning so it is not too terrible. 

Baby Purchases: For graduation, I bought Richard a cute little outfit representing his school. So overpriced, but so stinking cute! We also bought a very basic pack and play on Black Friday since it was on sale. I also went a little crazy and bought a cute hat on Etsy. I have been in love with this hat for a while and since we are 95% sold on a name, I went ahead and bought it. I figure if we decide to change the name we can also buy another hat, but I just could not resist buying it. I have a problem. 
Best Moment This Week: Nothing really big happening around here. The best moments were pretty much just me feeling and seeing her move. That will never get old.

Looking Forward To: It is still really far off, but the invites to my baby shower were sent out last week. I love the invites and I am already getting excited. It is still weird to me that there will actually be a baby shower thrown for me. There was a long time when I did not think that would ever happen.
^^Comparison of the last few weeks. My belly has not grown much outward since 14 weeks, but the belly is definitely filling out more above my belly button.^^

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Thursday, December 1, 2016


Four day weekends are the best! I wish it was totally acceptable for every weekend to be a long weekend. Heading back to work after long weekends is never fun though. Last week we were low on kids at our school so I actually hardly worked at all and it was beautiful. Especially since I was so tired from graduation weekend it was a nice way to recover.

Back to Thanksgiving Weekend. We started our weekend out by having a date night on Wednesday night. We have been wanting to see the newest JK Rowling movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The movie actually came out on Richard's birthday and it would have been the best to go see it then, but unfortunately that was also graduation weekend so we had to delay our date night celebration. We decided to try out a new theater that just opened somewhat close to our house. Eat in movie theaters are a big deal around here and we have tried quite a few, but this theater was even better. Their ticket prices were pretty similar to other theaters except that this theater had legitimate reclining leather seats and their food menu was really good as well. Plus, it is closer to our house than the other theaters so everything worked out. Basically it is our newest favorite theater and we will be going there from now on. The movie was everything we hoped it would be and it definitely did not disappoint!
Thursday, Richard went for a short run while I made my grandma's caramel roll recipe. It has basically been the only thing I have been craving in this pregnancy so I was super excited. It turned out darker than it normally does, so I wonder if I over cooked it a bit, but it was still very tasty. Then we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in the morning and the Vikings game to follow. Then we cleaned up around the house, started working on the Christmas decor and binge watched Gilmore Girls in preparation for their new episodes. We decided against going shopping on Thursday since we did not see anything advertised that was worth fighting the crowds for.
Friday, we woke up super early and met my sister at the mall at 7am for some Black Friday shopping. We hit up a bunch of stores in the mall, scoring some good deals on gifts at a few places, plus finding a few things for ourselves as well. We then headed over to the city where my sister lives because we were meeting up with the girl I bought all the baby clothes from. Once we bought a whole bunch of baby clothes, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch before continuing our shopping at Costco, Target, and Walmart. Again, more good deals on gifts for people. After shopping for 8 hours straight, we were pretty worn out and headed home to watch the new Gilmore Girls episodes. So good!

Saturday, we were hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at our house for us and my sister and her husband, so the morning was spent mostly just preparing for that. My sister is a nurse and she had to work on Thanksgiving day so we agreed to have a delayed Thanksgiving. Richard made a whole bunch of things from scratch this year. First, he made the turkey and prepared it a few days in advance. He also made apple pie from scratch, including the dough! We had only intended on making one pie, but he had cut up way too many apples so we ended up making a whole second pie. Lastly, he made cornbread from scratch, his family's cheesy potato recipe, plus I made stuffing (from a box) and mashed potatoes. After dinner, we played some games together before my sister and her husband headed home.
Sunday, we basically used as a resting day. We did some more cleaning, finished the Christmas decor, finished watching Gilmore Girls and I organized all of our baby clothes. We ate a whole bunch of leftovers, played Blokus together and went for a walk to walk off all the pie we had been eating. I had a last minute massage scheduled for that afternoon, because between all the shopping and decorating my back really started to hurt. Prenatal massages just are not as relaxing as a normal massage because you can't lay on your belly, but it is still worth it. After my massage, we rented the movie War Dogs (great movie!) and ate more food. We (mostly Richard) have had Thanksgiving leftovers for days!

So overall it was a pretty busy weekend, but we were able to accomplish a lot of things in a short amount of time. Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite meal of the year, but these days I can only eat so much before I feel too full so unfortunately I did not get to eat as much as I wanted to. But still delicious all the same and I love being able to do this together since it is too hard to head back to Minnesota for Thanksgiving. Now it is the Christmas season, the best time of the year! Ready to soak it all up!

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