Monday, October 31, 2016

Dino-Mite Birthday Party

Today is my nephew's fourth birthday! In honor of his birthday, I figured I could share the pictures from his fourth birthday party that my sister held at the begining of this month. She had a Dinosaur Safari theme and it was super cute! She had a hat, paper vest and binoculars for each of the big kids. Once the kids arrived, they could decorate their vests or get a dinosaur tattoo while they waited for everyone to arrive. Then, she had a dino egg hunt in the backyard. His cake was even dinosaur dirt cake. I love helping out with making some of the decor for these parties. It makes me feel like I actually got to help plan and I can pretend I am not a thousand miles away.
^^Signs leading up to the front door^^
^^Each of the big kid's vest, hat and binoculars waiting to be found^^
^^Dino dirt cake!^^
^^Dinosaur egg hunt^^
I loved the party and loved that I was able to celebrate with him, even though it was not quite his birthday. Happy Birthday little mister! Hope that your fourth birthday is the best birthday yet!
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