Monday, September 26, 2016

House Updates

Well we have been living in this house of ours for over a year now and I have not done an update for a while. We have slowly done quite a bit of painting and decorating so I figured it was time to share some of those updates. There are a few rooms we have not even touched (ahem, dining room and upstairs bedrooms) and a few we are still working on, like our bedroom, that we will share later. So here we go!
Front Entry
We painted the main space grey almost immediately after moving in. As you can see, we still have not painted the dining room or hung anything in this hallway. I have high hopes for a mega gallery wall in here some day.

We made the most progress in the office early on after moving in. We added closed storage to our built in shelves, painted the walls and started to style the open shelving. We are still working on adding stuff to the shelves, but I love what we have going so far. 
We also added the couch that used to be our main living room couch and of course Richard needed to have that Pepsi sign in the office. We also use the red cabinet below to hold our printer and all of our technology stuff, like our external storage, wifi router and cable modem.
Front Hall
We moved the wine rack from the left side of the stairs to the right side last Christmas to make room for the Christmas tree. We liked its new location better so we left it there. We have plans to add some sort of multi-function furniture piece in that empty area. We really need a place for our laundry baskets since they do not fit in the laundry room and maybe some entry way storage type organization system. We are still working on a plan for that.
Living Room
You can see the new wine rack location better in the picture below. Richard says we need to get a bigger TV and it does look pretty small on this giant wall. We also have not really figured out what to put on the mantle other than our wedding picture. We added the fun yellow rug and orange curtains and I love the pop of color.
We bought the couch from the giant furniture store in the area (Nebraska Furniture Mart). It fits the space perfectly and we both fight over the chaise.
Above the couch we hung three framed posters, one for each area we have lived in. The first is from the Minnesota State Fair, then we have the Dallas skyline and lastly we have a poster from Peach Festival in Ruston, where Richard went to grad school. I love having these in our main space and it worked out that not only do they color coordinate each other, but they also work with the other colors we had going in this room before we hung them up.
Upstairs Landing
This space was kind of an overflow space for random stuff until a few weeks ago. We actually took the time to unpack the books that were non-office books, painted the wall within the bookshelf and set up the rug and table. Funny story, I bought this rug originally for the bedroom and decided I did not like it in there. I meant to return it, but the return policy was that you only had 14 days to send it back and I missed that memo. So we got stuck with it and finally put it in this space. It actually makes the space look more intentional and can now function as our "game room." Also, we still have a lot of empty shelves that need to be filled.
Guest Room
The only thing we really did in this room is put all of our old bedroom furniture in here since we bought new stuff for our master bedroom. Then I bought a fun comforter and sheet set for the room. We also had this dresser and extra TV so it makes sense to put it in here until we decide we want it somewhere else. We still need to paint this room as well. Operation get rid of all off white walls continues.
Since the last time we showed you the kitchen, we bought a table to fit our space as well as some stools for the island. We recently painted the walls a very light yellow color. The color is really hard to see in these pictures, but I love the color. It is much better than the old off white color that was on every wall when we moved in. It makes the space feel brighter and happier. We have plans to refinish the stools and most likely the kitchen table and chairs as well.
Laundry Room
One of the very first things I did was paint the Laundry room. It is just a basic white color, but it makes the space feel clean which is good since it is a laundry room. See how small this space is? That is why we need additional storage for laundry baskets. 
So we have made mostly paint updates, but those can really change the way a space looks. Now that we will have more time post dissertation, we will continue to find new projects to update our house. I can't wait to share our bedroom progress because we have a super fun project we did in there. I love that space so much!

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