Thursday, September 8, 2016

Currently | September Edition

I have really been struggling with what to write on this blog of mine lately. Hence, the lack of posts recently. My life has been consumed by work changes and stress so it has been hard to focus on much else. And since I don't really talk about work on my blog, I have not had much to write about. But, since I love this link up with Anne and I have not been able or remembered to join I figured now was a good time.

Reading nothing, which is really weird for me. I usually have a whole bunch of books lined up to read, but I have taken a mini break. I usually read to fall asleep and recently it has not been helping me, so I decided to find a different strategy. Right now that means watching kid movies until I fall asleep. I am sure I will pick up a book again soon, but for now it is working for me.

Trying to plan out everything for our trip to Minnesota that is coming up soon! We are leaving at the end of September and I cannot wait! It has been a while since I have visited the great state of Minnesota so it is long overdue. In order to convince Richard to drive to Minnesota, we purchased the first few Harry Potter books on CD so that we can listen while we drive. Plus, I get to meet some cute new babies, see family, and celebrate my nephew turning four. So excited!

Hoping that things at work improve. I really loved how things were going a few weeks ago and it is crazy how quickly everything can change.

Decorating just about every room in our house. We have made a whole bunch of tweaks to a few different rooms and we will continue to do so until our list is completely crossed off. My favorite project has been updating our bedroom. Once I get some pictures I will share on the blog.
To-Do Listing mostly house updating stuff. We have a bunch of family coming into town for Richard's graduation (!!!) in November. We have to do a lot of cleaning, updating and general maintenance stuff before we have an additional 7 people sleeping in our house. Should be a fun time!

PS This link up was supposed to be for yesterday. That just shows you where my brain has been lately. 
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