Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Life Lately

Wow it has been to long since I have come to this little space of mine. When I finished writing all my Europe posts, I accidentally took a mini break. Those posts were so time consuming and draining that after writing all of them I needed a break. Plus, I ran out of ideas to write about and also we had a few busy weeks so I did not have a whole lot of time to actually blog anymore. So I am back and ready to make time for this blog of mine again! Here is what we have been up to lately.

First and most importantly. A few weeks ago now, Richard and I made a trip over to Louisiana so Richard could defend his dissertation! We met up with my friend Kristen and her kids for a few hours to catch up and get dinner together. It is always fun to see people that I do not get to see as often anymore. When we were done hanging out with Kristen, we headed over to a friends house who thankfully let us and our puppy stay at her house for the night. Again, we did some catching up before heading to bed for a long day the next day.

We woke up crazy early so that we could get to his school by 8 in the morning since he had a fellow classmate who was proposing her dissertation and they decided to split providing food and drinks for the day. So we had to get up to get coffee and be there for her proposal that started at 8 am. I hung out in one of the second year's office while both her proposal and Richard's defense were happening. I again was not allowed in the room, but it was fine with me this time since I was prepared. I wasted time on my computer for a few hours and all was good. Richard successfully defended his dissertation and now he needs to make a few edits and then a whole lot of formatting. His dissertation will then be published by the library which is why it has to be formatted in a specific way. That will be the most difficult part in the process since it is super picky. After the defense, we headed again to our favorite place to eat--Dawghouse. When we were done eating lunch with everybody, we had a few errands to run before heading back to Texas. The next time we will be in Louisiana will be in November for graduation, eek!! We have already started planning that with the family so it should be a good time.
Second, Richard's little brother has been in town for about a week now so we have been off exploring with him lately. Over the weekend, we headed into downtown Dallas to check out a restaurant that I had already gone to with my sister. It was a barbecue place that we wanted to check out because it is super good. Their macaroni and cheese is just the best. After lunch, we walked around exploring Deep Ellum a bit before heading to the Galleria for shopping.
Later that night, we headed out for a celebratory dinner with Richard's brother. We were celebrating Richard being done with his dissertation since his brother cannot come for graduation. After a day full of walking and eating heavy food, we were all super tired and full. We came back to the house to watch Eddie the Eagle which was fitting, even though it is about the winter olympics not summer.
Sp that is a few things we have been up to in the last few weeks. We have had some other things going on, but I will save those for different posts! Stay tuned!

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