Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Vatican City | Rome

Oh Rome! Our last day on the cruise ship dropped us off near Rome and we then took a bus into Rome. From the bus we took a cab to our hotel room. When we got to our hotel, we tried to check in, but it was way too early and our room was not ready. So we dropped off our luggage, what we could anyway, and then headed out for our afternoon tour. We had a tour scheduled to visit Vatican City. We left really early just in case we could not find our way. Its a good thing we did. We tried to take the Metro toward the Vatican. We went to buy 48 hour tickets and for some unknown reason the machines only took cash and we were out of Euros at this point. So we had to leave the metro in search of an ATM to pull out more Euros. We had to walk to the next train station because it was a larger station and it would most likely have an ATM. Once we found an ATM and pulled money out we then had to buy something to break our 50 Euro into smaller bills. It took quite some time and it was a real pain, but we figured it out and then hopped on a train and headed to the Vatican. We were early and hung out in the area for a bit before we met up with our tour.

For the tour, we had a group of about 20 people. With our group we headed into the Vatican and was able to skip the line which was crazy long so it was a good thing. We started at the Vatican Museum. This museum was amazing and extremely overwhelming. Everywhere you turned there was something cool and beautiful to look at. We spent over 3 hours in the museum going from room to room. Eventually we stopped taking pictures and started taking video because it was too much to look at.
^^Left. Entrance to the Vatican Museum.^^
^^Dome is the top of St. Peter's Basilica^^ 
^^Every surface was covered in something to look at. Walls, ceilings floors. Everywhere.^^
^^Left. This is an incredibly detailed tapestry. This room was full of different tapestries that depicted different stories. The detail in them was amazing especially considering they were hand made. Right. This is one of the images in the Raphael room. So much history.^^
^^This room was my favorite. The ceiling was simply amazing to look at.^^

At the very end of the museum tour is the Sistene Chapel. The ceiling was painted by Michelangelo and it was so remarkable. You were not allowed to take pictures of it so you will have to go visit it for yourself. We spent only a few minutes in the room and it was so so cool to see.

Next, our tour ended outside St. Peter's Basilica. At the front of the basilica you can see out onto St. Peter's square. This church was huge yet it felt smaller than it was. From what we read in our guidebook they designed it to look smaller than it actually was to give a sense of comfort. It was really interesting reading about all of the details of the church. This church definitely had an older and more traditional feel to it than the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. It is really fun to be able to say that we have now been to St. Peter's Basilica.

By the end of this tour I was so exhausted. We both were. And I was super hungry. I am not going to lie, but by the this time in our trip I was so tired from not getting sleep on the cruise and then I had to carry a bag around on this day because we could not check into our room prior to the tour. I feel like I did not enjoy this place as much as I should have because I was far too tired. When we were done with the tour we were going to get on the metro and find somewhere to eat. Well Richard really needed to go to the bathroom and I really wanted some food. There kept being signs for a McDonalds and the closer we got to the metro the closer we got to the McDonalds. I some how convinced Richard that we should stop and I could at least eat some food and we could go somewhere else for Richard to get food. The food was delicious and I am glad I convinced him to stop. Then it was early bedtime for me and it felt so good to sleep. We knew the next day would be a long day so we needed to rest up. Last day in Europe will be on the blog later this week!

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