Friday, July 15, 2016

Top of Vail Mountain | Colorado

As I mentioned yesterday, my family and I met up with my grandpa to spend a few days with him in the Colorado mountains, specifically Vail mountain. My grandpa used to work at Vail so he has access to all kinds of fun stuff. Vail has a bunch of fun stuff that you can do during the summer at the top of the mountain. They have ropes courses, zip lining, sledding, a mountain roller coaster, a trampoline and even an adventure course for kids.

Our first day started with us taking the gondola up to the top of Vail Mountain. We squished all ten of us into one gondola. Once we got to the top of the mountain, my grandpa wanted to take us on a small hike to a gazebo. We then stopped to take a group selfie. My cousin Mary was even able to join us in Colorado all the way from Boston.

^^Group selfie at the top of Vail mountain!^^
When we were done with our hike, those of us who wanted to do all the adventure stuff were able to get going. There was a lot of fun stuff to do, but we were under the impression everything could be purchased individually, but it turns out you had to buy one expensive package to be able to do it all. So my little sister, her husband, my cousin, my nephew and I all purchased the package. The first thing we started with was the ropes course. The four of us did the course twice, even though I took the easy way out both times. The course was not too bad and we had fun doing it, but after two tries we were all satisfied and did not feel the need to do the larger course.
My nephew enjoyed doing zip lining of his own and he also loved jumping on the trampoline.
After the ropes course, we headed back down the mountain to eat lunch with my grandpa before he headed back to his house for the afternoon. Those of us who bought the adventure pass then went back up the mountain to finish with the adventures we had not been able to do yet.
One of the things we wanted to do was the mountain roller coaster. This was basically a roller coaster that was built into the side of the mountain. You sat in a cart individually and had complete control over how fast or slow you went. You had to push the handles all the way down to go forward and we were told that if we kept them down the whole way, the cart would slow down periodically on its own. So we all decided to try that out. The coaster went pretty fast and it was so fun to go down. Also, the view on the way down was not too bad either. The mountain coaster was the best part of the adventure package. The only bummer was that even though my nephew had an adventure pass, it did not include the coaster. So dumb.
When we were done with the coaster, we tried out the slide down a part of the mountain which was not entirely worth it. After the slide, we got ready for some ziplining. I have done my fair share of ziplines in my life and I was disappointed in this one. The ride was not very long and it did not take us over any fun passes through the mountain. They offered a separate ziplining pass that probably would have been more fun, but was not worth the extra money. Still, I am glad that we were able to try out the adventure stuff at the top of Vail mountain.
When we were done with the adventure courses, we headed back to my grandpa's house for a nice family dinner before heading to bed after a long day.

The next morning our group decided to split up a bit. My little sister, her husband and my cousin all went white water rafting together. The rest of us had a pretty chill day hanging out with the kids. We started at a fun park within vail and then headed to their imagination station. They had some fun games and even a pretend veterinary clinic that my nephew loved.
When we were done with the imagination station, my older sister's husband took my niece and nephew back to the house for a nap while my older sister, my dad and I headed into Vail Village to go shopping. We wanted to find some fun souvenir sweatshirts and shirts to remember the trip. Plus, my mom always wore her vail shirts so it was fun to pick something out to wear too.
After shopping and white water rafting, we all had some down time before we had planned to go to dinner so we took a walk around my grandpa's neighborhood. How awesome is it that my grandpa has this view that is only a five minute walk from his front door?
We then headed to dinner as a big group and my grandpa decided to take us on a scenic detour through the mountains. I am not gonna lie, the roads were scary to drive on and I was not a big fan. Especially since my sister's car has brake problems as mentioned earlier. But we made it to the restaurant in one piece. When we were done with dinner, we said our goodbyes and then headed back to Denver for the night.
As I mentioned in my last post, our last day was spent at the Denver Zoo which was a nice break before I had to say goodbye to my family again. Although my sister locking her keys in her car was not exactly the highlight of the trip.

Overall the trip to Denver was really fun and I am glad we were able to coordinate the whole thing. I love the precious time spent with my family since I do not get to see them all that often. Next year, we are hoping to make a trip to the east coast for the anniversary. Should be fun!

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