Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pisa & Florence | Italy

I took a little mini break from Europe posts last week. I love posting these pictures, but these posts are just so hard to format. Anyway, back to it.

We left off in beautiful Portofino, Italy. Our next stop was Florence Italy! We booked a tour for this day and part of the tour was a 30 minute photo pitstop in Pisa. Basically the only thing worth seeing is the field of miracles which has the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I don't know why, but I really wanted to see the tower. We were close enough to it that it was one of those why not moments. Honestly, it was quite underwhelming and I am not sure it is worth the trip. But, we were there so we made the most of it.

^^The Baptistry^^

^^The Duomo^^
After our stop in Pisa, we headed to Florence. We had heard great things about Florence so we were excited about seeing this city. The bus dropped us off and we walked to a square where we were able to just hangout and shop for a little bit. We ended up going into a leather shop to buy a purse for me and a bag for Richard.

We then went to an Italian restaurant with the group for lunch. The food was really good and it was nice to sit with our tour mates and get to know them a bit.
When we were done with lunch, we continued our walking tour through random side streets until we got to the covered bridge. We did not really get close to it so I barely got a picture of it before we continued onto the Uffizi Gallery. We only got to see the outside of this museum, but the crazy long line probably indicated that it was worth a visit. Maybe next time. The outside of the museum was really cool to look at while we walked past it.
^^Outside of Uffizi Museum^^
Just beyond the museum was a large plaza that had all kinds of different sculptures to look at. It had a replica of the David statue and this was the original spot of that sculpture until they moved it to its current location. This plaza was packed and I can understand why with all of the things there were to see.

We then continued walking until we hit the Duomo, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore. This church was giant and amazing even though we only got to see the outside of it.
Across from the Duomo were these golden doors that were called the Gates of Paradise. Each small square in the doors told a different story from the Old Testament.
Our walking tour continued until we arrived at the Accademia Gallery. This is the museum that holds the sculpture of David. The David sculpture was so amazing and the details of even the veins in his arms were just so life like. This was definitely the highlight of our day.
After our museum tour, we continued walking through interesting parts of the city on our way to the bus that would take us back to the cruise. After a day in Florence I definitely feel like we did not get to see all that much of what the city has to offer. We were so done with tours at this point that I did not listen to much of what the guide had to say as you can probably tell. I enjoyed seeing the sites and taking it in, but I missed a lot of the history. We will have to make a trip back to Florence again to really see this city.

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