Friday, July 1, 2016

Five on Friday

Hello Friday and hello Fourth of July Weekend! I interrupt the previously scheduled Europe blog posts to give a small life update. It has been a busy few weeks so I have a lot to share.

One. Over the weekend my sister, her husband, Richard and I went to Slide the City in Dallas. I have always seen the videos on Facebook for this event and thought it looked fun. Richard and I tried to go last year, but they sold out super far in advance so I signed up for their mailing list. When they emailed me this spring letting us know the dates for the Dallas event I signed up immediately. The water slide ended up being on a bridge in Dallas where they closed half of the bridge to traffic to set up the slide. When we first got to the slide, I was doubtful of how fun it was really going to be. It did not look that impressive. Once we bought and filled up our tubes, we stood in line to go down the slide. We only purchased one ride down the slide for each of the four of us which was plenty. My sister and I went first and then Richard went followed by my sisters husband. Richard waited a few seconds before getting on the slide and ended up catching up to us really quickly. He ran into me and then I ran into my sister who was then pushed into the people in front of her. It was pretty funny. Then Richard and I both ended up with flat tubes out of nowhere and we had to walk the rest of the way which thankfully was not too much longer. It was really slippery though and I ended up falling on my butt one time. Overall it was pretty fun, though I am not sure I would ever do it again.
Two. We had a very busy weekend planned last weekend and then had to cancel all of our plans (except slide the city). Richard was supposed to propose his dissertation last Friday so we made a whole bunch of plans surrounding that since we would be in Louisiana for two nights. I was going to visit my old job, see my bestie from Louisiana, attend the local festival that happened to be happening that weekend, and jam out to the band playing at the festival with some old co-workers. Then, we had to reschedule his dissertation proposal to the following Tuesday since someone on his committee had a family emergency. Everything worked out with the emergency, but I was so bummed that our plans were essentially cancelled. The worst part of it all was that my LA bestie was going to be on vacation at the time that the proposal was rescheduled for so I could not even see her or do dinner. Major bummer. And obviously the festival would not be going on on a Tuesday evening so we missed that too. I am still clearly not over it.

Three. All of that aside, Richard was able to propose his dissertation this last Tuesday!!! It feels so good to have that major hurdle over with and now he can focus on the defense of his dissertation. For those who do not understand this process (which was me four years ago), Richard basically has this giant research project that he has to go through in order to finish his Ph.D. I think the proposal is the hardest part because it requires the most writing. Richard had over 100 pages written just for the dissertation proposal. He has been working on the proposal for the last two years and it has been pretty difficult. Our evenings were filled with front porch sitting, cigar smoking and dissertation writing and our weekends were always left somewhat open to leave time for more writing. If we were too busy it would take away from getting stuff for the dissertation finished. The actual proposal is basically a powerpoint presentation summary of what he wrote about in his proposal. People then ask questions about his methods and logic to make sure there are no holes in the research. I was really excited to be able to actually see Richard propose because I have never actually seen him present anything. By the time we got there, about 5 minutes before it was going to start, I was told that I was not allowed to be in the room. It was frustrating because I had driven all the way out there to see it and also had I known I would have brought my computer with me to entertain me while I waited. They did not want me in the room because sometimes proposals can get intense with some hard questions about the research and they did not want me to have to witness Richard's work being torn apart. From what everyone told me, the proposal went very well and there were not too many tough questions for Richard (which they also said he did a great job answering!). When we were done with the proposal, we headed to our favorite local restaurant, Dawg House, for lunch, then headed to my old work for a tour of their new building and to see old co-workers. Then we headed back home after a very long day.
Four. We decided last week that our sweet Paisley is going to be bred with another dog so that we can have puppies! I don't think I have talked much about this, but growing up my dad bred German Shorthaired Pointers and throughout the years he has had 5 generations of dogs. Well, Paisley is from my dad's line, which was once my grandpa's line. We never had her spade because we had intended to have puppies with her at some point so we could keep her line going. Paisley just turned 7 this last May so we knew that we would have to breed her soon or else we would never be able to do it. While I am not convinced I really want a new puppy, I know I want to keep her line alive so now is the best time in the next few years to have a puppy for us so we are going for it. Paisley was actually sent off yesterday to go get bred, which is so weird when I think about it too much. My baby is going to come home pregnant, ha! If everything works out like it should, we should have puppies early this fall!
^^Paisley is on the left and her puppy daddy is on the right. They look similar, but the dog on the right is more white which I think looks cool and am super excited about.^^

Five. Today is the first day of July! New months are always fun, but this month is a hard one for me. I am trying not to think about it too much and continue to focus on the positive. We have some big things planned for this month so I am actually excited that it is already here! Plus, I get to see my family next week and squeeze my niece and nephew who I have not seen in four months. Here's to having a great July!

So there is my Five on Friday! I did not realize I had so much to say until I started typing and I could not stop. This weekend will be a weird one and even though its a three day weekend, I don't really have any major plans. Oh well. That is the season of life we are in right now. I am just happy that I get to see fireworks at some point this weekend. Have a happy weekend and a Happy Fourth of July!

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