Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4th of July

This Fourth of July weekend was not what I would typically expect for a holiday weekend. Richard was in Austin most of the weekend for a bachelor party and Paisley was off in Oklahoma so I was going to be home alone. Since I knew Richard was going to be out of town, I had asked my sister a while back to try to get at least one of the weekend days off so that I was not completely alone. She luckily gets to pick her schedule and made it so that she had both Saturday and Sunday off.

Friday night after work, my sister invited me to go out with her work friends to a piano bar. She knew I was going to be home alone and thought it would be fun if I joined her. Well, I love music and I love singing along to songs so it ended up being a lot of fun. Her friend was celebrating her birthday so she got called up onto the stage for a birthday song. Then my sister spent the night at my house so I would not have to be alone.

Since my sister spent the night, we knew we were going to do some fun stuff on Saturday. She has her own 101 things list and a few of them involved going into downtown Dallas so I decided to go with her. We tried out the restaurant Pecan Lodge which is supposed to be the best barbecue place in the Dallas area. There was a line out the door that took over an hour to get through. The food was actually really good and the mac and cheese was my favorite. Richard loves barbecue so maybe we will go back so he can enjoy it too.
After lunch, we went to the Dallas Farmer's Market just to see what it was all about. They had quite a few produce stands and a bunch of other fun stuff. I don't think it is worth the drive all the way into Dallas, but it was interesting to see what they had. They also had a small indoor shopping area that had some fun Texas stores where we both bought a Dallas tank top.
When we got back to my house after shopping, my sister wanted to take a nap. I am not really a fan of napping, but for some reason I agreed to take a short nap and I definitely regretted it when it was time for bed. After our nap and eating dinner, we met her husband at a park where they were going to be setting off fireworks. It was not really super close to either of our houses, but it was one that did fireworks on Saturday night.
After fireworks, I went home to an empty house which is always weird and terrifying. I also couldn't sleep because of the nap I had taken earlier so I did some blogging (seriously those Europe posts are so hard to put together) before I watched Frozen to fall asleep. Silence is never a good idea when you are home alone.

I had a very, very lazy morning while I waited for my husband to drive home from Austin. I plopped myself in front of the TV and did not move for a very long time. It has been a while since I have binged watched some Hulu. I was at least productive on my computer while I watched my shows. When Richard got home from his trip, we headed out to meet my sister and her husband(again) at Fuddruckers for dinner to celebrate my sister's birthday that we were not able to do earlier in the week. We then decided to go bowling last minute. Bowling was fun, but we had families on either side of us with young kids that made things interesting and it made our game take a lot longer since we had to wait on other people to bowl before we could go. Thankfully, they gave us an extra 15 minutes for free so we could finish our second game. I, like usual, came in last place while Richard took first. I am a terrible bowler.

Yay, for the Fourth of July! Boo for spending most of the day working on either editing pictures(me) or dissertation(Richard). In the evening when we were both sick of sitting in front of our computers, we decided to head out to our local festival for the Fourth of July. Last year, we had the hardest time getting there. We tried to walk and google said there were roads that didn't exist so we got most of the way there, found a dead end, turned around and drove to the festival. And then the traffic to leave was crazy bad. This year, the roads were finished enough to walk on them and we had a straight shot to the festival. When we got there, we ordered pizza from a food truck of sort where they cook the pizza in a wood fire and it is super good. We ended up with three pizzas because they messed one of them up while they were cutting it so they gave us one for free. When we were done with food we just hung out until fireworks. Their fireworks show is pretty good. When it was over, we had a leisurely walk back to our house. It was nice not to have to worry about traffic after a fireworks show.

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