Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My Birthday Weekend!

And what a good weekend it was. We hardly got any sleep this weekend and I am definitely feeling it, hence why this post is on a Tuesday instead of Monday. I took a break from blogging last week because it felt more like something I had to do instead of something I wanted to do. I figure the only one putting pressure on me to blog is me so I should just ignore it. Plus, I was sick all last week so I did not feel like doing anything.

So back to this weekend. Richard and I had big plans to go to San Antonio for my birthday weekend. But it ended up not working out, which was good because I had an old coworker/friend from Louisiana coming into town for the weekend so we made plans with him. A different coworker of mine and her husband moved out to Dallas a few months after we did and so we all hung out together. Friday night we went over to the local coworker's house to hang out, eat food and play pool. It was fun catching up with everyone and hearing about what my old department looks like these days. We also played pool for quite some time and I feel like I actually learned how to play. By the end of the night I was kicking butt and it was really fun. I made a few crazy shots that I didn't even know I was capable of. Now if I could do it without help we would be in business. We stayed until after midnight which meant that I was up in the first few hours of my birthday which was weird, but fun.

Saturday (my actual birthday), we had plans to meet up again for a beer fest in Dallas. Since we knew that would take most of the day, Richard and I headed out before the festival to have some birthday celebrating just the two of us. I picked our lunch spot, which was philly cheese steaks-yum, and then we both went and got pedicures. Originally, Richard was not going to get one, but then we got there and they asked him if he wanted to sit by me so he agreed and then they had him in a chair so he agreed to a pedicure. That was the first and probably last time he will ever get one.
After that, we got picked up and drove into Dallas for the Big Texas Beer Fest. We payed for a ticket to get in and there were booths everywhere offering beer samples. We were given a small sample glass and a card for the number of samples we could consume. Each booth would then fill your glass and mark off a sample. However, it did not take long for us to realize that most places did not always ask to mark off your card so we ended up with more samples than we were supposed to get. Plus, I hardly had any so we had a lot of samples to go around. They also had an outdoor area with a bunch of food trucks and a band playing. We got there right when doors opened at 2 and we closed down the place at 6:30. We thought we would be long gone by the end of the festival, but we had not even made it to every booth by the time the festival was over.
After the festival, we headed back to my coworker's house for more hanging out. This was a little more low key since we were all exhausted by the end of the day. We ate some amazing food and just hung out together until after my birthday had officially ended.

On Sunday, I knew my sister had the day off which is rare for her on a weekend. After sleeping as long as my body would let me, aka not long enough, Richard and I woke up, got ready and headed to lunch. Then Richard stayed behind to get yard work done while I went shopping with my sister. We started at Lululemon where we found some clearance yoga shorts, then we headed to the local mall. I was on the hunt for Toms and I found a pair that I love, but I had to order them in my size. I should hopefully get them by the end of the week. Once we finished shopping the whole mall, we decided to drive a little ways to Nordstrom Rack because I had heard from a friend they had good Toms there as well. I got lucky and found a really cute pair of Toms that look like a flag and a pair of sandals for the summer heat. My sister and I then met up with our boys to go to see Allegiant from the Divergent Series. We went to one of the local dinner and a movie theaters which is seriously the best invention ever. The movie was only okay, even coming from someone who loved the books. The movies are just not the same.

Overall, I had a good birthday weekend, and a good birthday week. Richard spoiled me rotten this past week and we went to lunch every day he could. I loved it and now going back to lunches alone this week is boring, ha. He also bought me a bunch of sweets and treats for my birthday week, which was super sweet. I also received some love from some friends and family that I was not expecting, but I love them for it. Lastly, I had a stitch fix box delivered to me on my birthday which I will have to share more about later.
This birthday was a weird one for me because I was not really looking forward to it at all, but it ended up being a fun day. I am hopeful that this year will be more than I expect it to be, but I am cautiously optimistic.

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