Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Friends in Texas!

This past weekend was a good one. Richard and I had some of our best friends come down for a long weekend trip and we had a blast. Most of the time I would talk about how quick this weekend went by and I can't believe it. But for some reason that is not the case this weekend. That is not to say we did not have a great time because we did, but we had a pretty solid mix of being busy and just hanging out that I did not feel completely wiped out after the weekend was over. We had a fun weekend exploring what the Dallas/Fort Worth Area has to offer.

The weekend started on Friday when we picked Sammi and Herman up from the airport. They came into town late at night so that they did not have to miss work and it worked out for everybody. Once we picked them up, we gave them a house tour and hung out before going to bed.

Saturday was Sammi's birthday! We woke up somewhat early and headed out to our neighborhood garage sale. Garage sales in Texas are not quite the same as Minnesota, but we did find a few fun items to buy. After the garage sale, we made a quick lunch before heading to the Fort Worth Stockyards! The stockyards are about an hour from us so we wanted to make a day of it. We had fun walking around, shopping, getting drinks, and watching the cattle drive. The cattle drive is where they move the cattle from one pen to the other by having them walk down the road. It was awesome to see it in person and those cows are amazing. A very Texas afternoon.
After the stockyards, we headed back to our area again, picked up some fro-yo before stopping at home again. We took a mini break while the boys worked on homework and the girls watched some netflix for a bit. Then when it was time for dinner, we headed to our favorite pizza place that lets you bring your own beverages. When we got there, the place was packed because the local minor league hockey team was playing an away game and the pizza place streams their away games. There was not a single table open, except for their back party room that luckily was not in use so we asked to sit there. While we waited for our pizza, we played Settlers of Catan which is our favorite game night game. Sammi ended up winning on her birthday, which was the perfect end to the day! That and cake, yum.
Sunday we slept in a little bit, ate a very large home made breakfast (thanks Richard) and then headed out to our local downtown square area where we walked around and antique shopped for a little bit. We then went to meet some of Sammi and Herman's friends that also live in the area. We met them for appetizers and drinks. We have met them before at Sammi and Herman's wedding so it was nice seeing them again. We were hanging out there while the Dallas Stars were playing the Minnesota Wild and sadly we had to watch the Wild lose among a bunch of Stars fans. It was friendly and us being there made it more fun for the Stars fans I am sure.
After meeting up with them, we went back to the house for a bit before we went into Dallas to the Truck Yard. The Truck Yard is a fun outdoor area where they have a bunch of patio furniture and tables outside along with a few food trucks, a bar and a philly cheese steak restaurant. It was the perfect place to just hang out and chill and then eat when we got hungry.
The rest of the weekend was spent just hanging out and talking. Monday morning we went to a restaurant that Richard loves for breakfast food. We then brought them to the airport around lunchtime. Richard and I were then able to spend the rest of the day together for some quality time. Overall, we had a super fun weekend and we were grateful for friends that we could show them around the Dallas area.

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