Tuesday, April 12, 2016

B's First Twinkle, Twinkle Birthday

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be able to go to Minnesota for my niece's first birthday party. I was there for my nephew's first birthday so I figured my niece deserved the same. Plus, any excuse for me to make a trip is a good excuse in my book. My sister planned out the party and I helped her from a distance by designing both the invite and some cute little signs she put up everywhere. Her party invite was fun to design and we were able to take pictures for it in December when I was home for Christmas. The theme was Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. I had to delete the address info so that is why there is a random gap.
I decorated behind the high chair again with streamers like I did for my nephew's first birthday. We added tissue poms at the top of the streamers instead of balloons this time and it looked super cute. We even reused the "One" sign from my nephew's party, but added some purple and grey ribbon to make it more girly. I love having this behind the high chair because it creates a great backdrop for the smash cake.
My sister had taken pictures of Brynlee every month for her first year and created a cute banner with all her pictures. It was so fun to see her change as the months went on. I created some signs from quotes that my sister then printed out and framed and they were placed all around the house.
Her smash cake was fun too. We just created a simple cake using a smaller round dish, frosted it and then added the skewers with foam star stickers at different heights. Super simple and super cute.
For food, my sister had a fondue theme. She had both the chocolate fountain with fruit, marshmallows, and graham crackers to dip and cheese fondue with veggies, bread and pretzels for dipping. She also had different sandwiches to eat as well. We then made cupcakes and frosted them which was an adventure, but they turned out cute.
My sister also bought a super cute shirt for her birthday that said "One" above her name. With the coordinating skirt, she looked pretty darn cute. She is also definitely on the move so it was hard to get a good picture of her birthday outfit. 
There was a playdough station for all the older kids if they were interested. Plus, purple and silver colored sixlets as a party favor for all the kids.
She loved her smash cake and chowed it down right away. She looks so happy to be eating cake in these pictures.
Then onto presents! Her older brother was much more interested in the gifts than she was. She lasted a few minutes before deciding to just crawl away.
A whole bunch of pictures with grandpa and also her new skill she learned the day before her party, walking!
Overall the party went by so quickly, but thats what happens when there are a lot of kids at a birthday party. It is funny to think about the difference between my nephew's party because he is the oldest of most of my sister's friend's kids and now there are so many more kids that have been added to the mix. I was focused so much on pictures of the birthday girl that I did not get any pictures of the other kids or guests. Whoops. But the birthday girl was the star of the show so it seems fitting to have a whole bunch of pictures of her. 

The pictures of all the signs I made are hard to make out so I included them here as well. I am really proud of the way these turned out because I for the most part figured out all the design aspects on my own. If you want to download them for your own party head over here to my dropbox account. The images were designed to be used in 5 by 7 frames so that is what size they will fit best. 

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