Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Goals

Today is officially March! It is crazy for me to think that this time last year I was spending an entire month in Minnesota so that I could be there when my niece was born. I can't believe that was a year ago. Anyway, now that it is March it is time for some goals. But first, lets revisit my goals from February.
Blog twice a week or more.  I have been pretty consistent with my blogging lately so I will say that this is an accomplishment. However, there was one week this month that I only blogged once. But I am giving myself grace and I know I have been much better recently.

Workout three times per week.  Nope. I have consistently been going to the gym twice a week without any issue. However, that third time in a week is so hard for me. The best time for me to go would be before work, but I have been pretty busy lately so I have not made time for it.

Finish and submit taxes. Finished! I love being able to cross off a big item on my list!
Make a trip to Louisiana. Yes! I made a day trip to Louisiana to meet my friend Kristen and it was just what I needed. I love living just close enough that I can still see her regularly.
Accomplish something before work. Meh. I did alright with this, but for the most part I did not accomplish a whole lot. I have been actually able to sleep in lately so my time before work has been shortened. Oh well.

Vacuum once a week. This should probably be something I already do, but I am really bad at keeping up with it. I know our house needs to be vacuumed that often so I am hoping to make a routine of it.

Keep up with paperwork. I recently organized our filing system (more to come) so I hoping to actually keep up with the paperwork that comes in the mail. I cannot stand paper clutter, so I am hoping my new system will work to my advantage.

Celebrate my niece's first birthday & my best friend's baby shower. Two reasons for a trip back to Minnesota and I a super excited about both!

Keep a positive attitude. With all of the fertility stuff going on in our house, I am hoping to keep a positive attitude about the whole thing even if not everything goes how I would like it to. Sorry to be vague, but you know, I can only share so much at a time.

Add some decor to the house. We (well I really) have had a hard time figuring out what we want as far as decor goes in the house, so after living here for six months, we still have some very bare walls. I am hoping to actually start moving forward and getting the house a little more decorated. Slowly, but surely.

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