Thursday, March 10, 2016

Extended Weekend Vacation

I have disappeared recently and that is simply that life just got in the way of blogging. Richard and I were in a car accident last week and everything is fine, but it threw us off a bit.

These last few days, Richard's parents and his two youngest brothers came into town for an extended weekend. This was their first time visiting us since we moved to Texas so they were able to see our area and also our house. The little guys also have been dying to go to the beach so we made a weekend trip down to Galveston. The weather was gorgeous, about 70 degrees, the whole time and while its not exactly beach and swimming weather it was still nice enough to sit and enjoy the sunshine. While we were there, we enjoyed playing in the sand, flying kites, eating seafood (my husband and his parents anyway), playing some mini-golf and just enjoyed the beach and the pool.
After the weekend at the beach, his family was also able to explore our area a little more where we were able to go to a few of our favorite restaurants and the little guys were able to try out indoor skydiving at iFly.
Overall, it was a quick extended weekend, but we were happy to have family to visit and enjoyed the time spent together.

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