Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Master Closet Demo & Prep

So this makeover has been needed for quite sometime. We knew right away when we moved in and started unpacking our closet that we were lacking space for folded items. We had plenty of room for hanging stuff, but we really fold more than we do hang. We had thought about buying dressers and putting them in the closet, but neither of us were really thrilled about that idea. We had a dresser in the closet already and with the current set up, we could not have fit enough drawers in the space. Also, our closet is huge, but I never really liked the shelving that came with the house. For having such a sweet master closet, it just looked cheap and poorly made. Here are the pictures from before we moved in.
When we moved from Louisiana, we had put all of our clothes in plastic storage tubs and when we arrived in Texas, we only unpacked about half of them. So the rest of the boxes ended up in the closet and occasionally we would dig through them trying to find a specific item of clothing. Our closet also became a dumping ground of just stuff. Basically it was a hot mess.
We knew we had to come up with something. And then we went to the container store. Does anyone else love this store as much as me? I get excited just to walk through the door. Organizing makes my heart so happy. While we were there, we noticed that their Elfa system was on sale and that the sale would only last a few more weeks. We decided to go for it and design a system that fit our needs. We used their document, found here, to plan out how much space we would need and record our measurements and everything. Then we took our information to a store and worked with someone there who helped us design exactly what we wanted. After receiving a little bit of sticker shock (this system is not cheap), we decided that this was something we could move with us and use for years to come so it was worth the investment.

Then came the work. We decided that we wanted to gut the closet and paint it ourselves before we had installers come. We are so glad we did the work since it took a lot longer than we expected and would have cost a lot more to have them do it. We first emptied the entire closet, and then got to work demolishing the current shelving. I mean, Richard demoed while I watched because--lets be real here--I am useless in that area.
We realized along the way that the builders of our house did a terrible job at building this closet. They used a finishing nailer to put up all the shelving and we would find 10 nails all in one spot which made it incredibly hard to rip off the wall. Also, the builders had put up the shelving before they had painted the walls so underneath the shelving was raw sheetrock. And since all the walls in our house are textured (insert annoyed face here), we had to patch the unlevel walls and then retexturize the walls.
Luckily, someone else has already realized the difficulty of patching a textured wall so there was a product at Home Depot that made it easy. You just spray it on, wait a few minutes and then use their special knife to "flatten" the texture. Once everything was painted you could still see where we patched, but we were not super worried about it since we would be putting stuff on the walls to hide the flaws.
Once everything dried, we were able to paint the walls. We wanted to add a fun pop of color to the closet because we will be going neutral in the bedroom. We were able to get rid of the terrible off white that covered every wall when we moved in. Seriously, cannot stand that color. Slowly, but surely we will be beige-wall-free. Painting textured walls takes a lot of strength and a lot of paint. You have to press really hard on the roller to be able to get the paint even on the texture. We picked the color Colorado Grey by Benjamin Moore, that we color matched to Behr. It is a great color and reads as really blue without being too overwhelming.
Just because it is fun to compare....
Next came the actual installation and organization of the closet. More to come!

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