Thursday, February 4, 2016

February Goals

A month has already come and gone in this brand new year. It is crazy how much faster time goes the older you get. It also does not help that I keep wishing for the future to come quick and it has been. I really need to stop doing that! This past year, I have not really kept up with my monthly goal posts and I would really like to start doing that again. I like having something small each month that I can work towards and it helps me stay motivated. So new month, new goals.
Blog twice a week or more. I have really been slacking on the blog posts lately and I want to get back into a routine. I figure two posts a week is totally doable so I am hoping that I can make that happen.

Workout three times per week. This is a pretty standard number of workouts a week and I figure I schedule it out it will actually happen. I operate much better under a routine because then I have less excuses not to. I have been doing yoga twice a week, once during the week and once on the weekend. Now I just need to find a third day and schedule it so I can hit this goal.

Finish and submit taxes. I have already started gathering information to accomplish this goal, but our taxes are so complicated that it is a lot to gather. This year is even worse because Richard was basically self employed for half of last year so we have to pay taxes on that income. I just know it will be a lot that we owe so we may as well get them done sooner than later.

Accomplish something before work. Since I do not start work till 9:30 in the morning and I am usually up before 8, it is the perfect time to actually get up and get some stuff done. But most days I just lay in bed and look at my phone until it is time to get ready for work. So I am hoping that a few times a week I can sneak in some dishes and laundry before work.

Make a trip to Louisiana. It has been a few months since my last trip and I am well overdue! I am hoping to meet my friend in Shreveport this month so we can catch up. Should be a fun time!

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