Monday, January 18, 2016

Life Lately

Have you ever heard of something called writer's block? Well I have been having a really hard time lately coming up with things to write about on this little space of mine. I used to feel like I had a lot to say and that feeling has left me lately. I keep feeling like I need to have something specific to blog about when in reality I can just come here and write when I feel like it and thats ok. Because this is my space that I can fill with whatever I would like. So here is a mini update of what we have been up to lately.

-We recently finally bit the bullet and bought a pass to Lifetime Fitness. We had talked about doing that in the past since there is one literally across the street from us, but they are really expensive so we were hesitant to join. Finally, we figured that it was money we needed to spend and since its more expensive than we would like, we just need to get the most use out of it. There is just not another club that has everything Lifetime has to offer.

-On that note, since we joined Lifetime I have been taking some yoga classes. They have some on Saturday and Sunday mornings and I love going to them. This past weekend was the first time that I went with Richard and he told me this was the first time that I have totally kicked his booty at something. There is definitely truth to that, ha! I wish that there were morning classes during the week that I could attend before work, but I need to force myself to go more in the evenings even when its the last thing I want to do.

-Richard has been really focusing on his dissertation lately, and we are finally getting close to being able to send it off to his advisor for the first round of drafts. Hopefully he will be able to propose in the next few months. He has even sucked me into reading and editing it for him to give him an outsider's perspective. I am really bad at reading these kinds of things so it will probably take me quite a bit of time to read the 100 pages he has already. We are moving forward and I cannot wait for the day he is completely done!

-We have been talking about a trip to Europe for the last four years and it is finally happening! I think this deserves a whole post on its own, but we have booked and are still planning out the details for our trip to Europe this spring! So, so excited about this!

-Anyone who has moved recently can understand how hard it is to move into a new space. Figuring out where you want everything to go and finding ways to organize everything is a challenge. We have just been getting by with what we have since July, but we finally needed to find a solution for our master closet. The closet is quite large and spacious, but it lacks enough actual usable storage. Our clothes have only been halfway unpacked, and we have found a solution that I will share once we have finished it.

-Overall, I have been feeling a lot better about life in general. There has been a few months lately  where I have just been extremely unmotivated in every area of my life. I think that starting to go to the gym regularly has really helped with my energy and attitude. Also, it helps when the house feels a lot more organized and uncluttered. It is really true when they say that physical clutter leads to emotional and mental clutter.

I know I keep saying this, but I am really hoping to get into the swing of blogging more frequently. I have a few ideas for new posts so hopefully I can actually keep up with them.

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