Friday, December 18, 2015

Five on Friday

This week has gone by fast and I am so grateful for it. A lot of my kids at work have been sent home with fevers and I am thankful that I have not really gotten sick. Hopefully I will stay healthy long enough to make it to the weekend. Speaking of the weekend, here goes my Five on Friday.

One. Today is the day! We are headed to Minnesota tonight after I get off work. We will drive as far as we feel like and probably get a hotel. That way we can arrive in the afternoon tomorrow! Should be a fast and fun week. Hopefully, it will not go too fast and I will be able to enjoy my time with family and friends.

Two. Richard and I continued our tradition of making Christmas cookies again this year. We were crunched on time so we did not make as many as we usually do. We started this past weekend, but we made the last of the cookies last night.
Three. This week has been a crazy one with so many different things happening each week. We usually do not have anything planned on weeknights and this week we had something planned every night except Thursday. Considering we had a lot of packing and preparation to do this week, all these commitments made for a crazy week. We also had to say good bye to another friend this week who is moving back to Georgia. It is going to be weird without him.
A picture from the fourth of July with Cavan and Haley. We miss them already!
Four. My mom's 52nd birthday would have been on Monday. It is always tough to remember those days and the memories that are attached to them. Some day I will love those memories and be able to laugh without crying, but I am still waiting for that day.
Five. Over the weekend, we spent quite a bit of time at the local mall gathering up all of our Christmas presents. We have procrastinated that this year, so we had a lot to do at once and it was exhausting to do it all in one day. Note to self, next year start shopping sooner.

I can't wait to begin our trip tonight and I am sure today is going to drag. Almost there!

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