Friday, December 11, 2015

Five on Friday

Well, its December and normally I would say I am full of the Christmas spirit, but I am having a hard time getting into the Christmas mood. The weather has been crazy warm so its hard for it to feel like December, plus we have not celebrated any of our traditions yet. Hopefully we will actually do that this weekend and I can find my spirit. In the meantime, here is a little of what we have been up to recently.

one. Last weekend, we had a mini Star Wars movie marathon. I have never seen the movies (shame I know) so we started watching them to prepare for the new movie that will be released next week. Richard wanted to watch them in chronological order instead of release order and since I have never seen them I had no preference. So we watched the prequel trilogy and maybe we will continue to watch them this week.

two. Working at a preschool really has its perks this time of year. I received this gift from one of my students and so far I am loving the gifts.
three. My husband found out yesterday that four out of his four submissions to his big research conference, SIOP, were accepted. He is really excited about it and I am happy for him. This is the first time all his submissions were accepted and also the most he has had accepted in one year. The conference is in April in California and while I would love to go I don't think I will be able to this year. We have other vacation plans for next year so I had to prioritize.

four.  As warm weather turns colder, we have been having some issues with our nest thermostat. It is trying to figure out what we would like the heat to be set at and since all summer we had to AC set to 76 degrees it thinks we want to heat to 76 degrees. I have been adjusting it when I notice it, but it finally actually heated the house to 76 degrees the other night and we got home and had a good laugh about it. We almost had to open a window just to cool down the house before going to bed.
five.  One week from today we will be making our trek up to Minnesota for the week of Christmas! Its been a few months since we have been there and we are super excited about it. It will be nice to see everyone again and I am especially excited to see my niece and nephew again.
Happy weekend! It is our last weekend before we travel so we have a lot to accomplish so it should be a busy one.

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