Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Decor & Card

This year, I had so much fun decorating. We have collected a bunch of Christmas decor through the years, and in the past it has made our apartment/house seem cluttered. This year with the new house, we are able to spread out the decor a little more and it looks so good! Over the last few weeks, I have sat on the couch and just stared at it because I love it so much.
^^The fireplace adds a real nice touch that we have never had before! So pretty!^^
^^We even added a few pieces in the kitchen which makes the over cabinet lighting look sweet.^^
^^Richard's family visits Santa every year and we have a picture from each year since we have been married. Don't mind the empty frame, we have not printed a picture from 2011 yet.^^
^^These were some of the last ornaments my mom gave us. I just realized now they are all snowmen.^^
^^Three ornaments we have added this year. One from the Minnesota State Fair, one for our Hogwarts trip and one for our Disney trip.^^

We also sent out Christmas cards again this year. I love doing this and wish we would have started doing this sooner. It gets expensive quick, but it is nice to keep in touch with people we do not see as often. I still love adding the highlights on the back and I will keep it going until I don't like it anymore.

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