Friday, December 18, 2015

Five on Friday

This week has gone by fast and I am so grateful for it. A lot of my kids at work have been sent home with fevers and I am thankful that I have not really gotten sick. Hopefully I will stay healthy long enough to make it to the weekend. Speaking of the weekend, here goes my Five on Friday.

One. Today is the day! We are headed to Minnesota tonight after I get off work. We will drive as far as we feel like and probably get a hotel. That way we can arrive in the afternoon tomorrow! Should be a fast and fun week. Hopefully, it will not go too fast and I will be able to enjoy my time with family and friends.

Two. Richard and I continued our tradition of making Christmas cookies again this year. We were crunched on time so we did not make as many as we usually do. We started this past weekend, but we made the last of the cookies last night.
Three. This week has been a crazy one with so many different things happening each week. We usually do not have anything planned on weeknights and this week we had something planned every night except Thursday. Considering we had a lot of packing and preparation to do this week, all these commitments made for a crazy week. We also had to say good bye to another friend this week who is moving back to Georgia. It is going to be weird without him.
A picture from the fourth of July with Cavan and Haley. We miss them already!
Four. My mom's 52nd birthday would have been on Monday. It is always tough to remember those days and the memories that are attached to them. Some day I will love those memories and be able to laugh without crying, but I am still waiting for that day.
Five. Over the weekend, we spent quite a bit of time at the local mall gathering up all of our Christmas presents. We have procrastinated that this year, so we had a lot to do at once and it was exhausting to do it all in one day. Note to self, next year start shopping sooner.

I can't wait to begin our trip tonight and I am sure today is going to drag. Almost there!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Decor & Card

This year, I had so much fun decorating. We have collected a bunch of Christmas decor through the years, and in the past it has made our apartment/house seem cluttered. This year with the new house, we are able to spread out the decor a little more and it looks so good! Over the last few weeks, I have sat on the couch and just stared at it because I love it so much.
^^The fireplace adds a real nice touch that we have never had before! So pretty!^^
^^We even added a few pieces in the kitchen which makes the over cabinet lighting look sweet.^^
^^Richard's family visits Santa every year and we have a picture from each year since we have been married. Don't mind the empty frame, we have not printed a picture from 2011 yet.^^
^^These were some of the last ornaments my mom gave us. I just realized now they are all snowmen.^^
^^Three ornaments we have added this year. One from the Minnesota State Fair, one for our Hogwarts trip and one for our Disney trip.^^

We also sent out Christmas cards again this year. I love doing this and wish we would have started doing this sooner. It gets expensive quick, but it is nice to keep in touch with people we do not see as often. I still love adding the highlights on the back and I will keep it going until I don't like it anymore.

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Five on Friday

Well, its December and normally I would say I am full of the Christmas spirit, but I am having a hard time getting into the Christmas mood. The weather has been crazy warm so its hard for it to feel like December, plus we have not celebrated any of our traditions yet. Hopefully we will actually do that this weekend and I can find my spirit. In the meantime, here is a little of what we have been up to recently.

one. Last weekend, we had a mini Star Wars movie marathon. I have never seen the movies (shame I know) so we started watching them to prepare for the new movie that will be released next week. Richard wanted to watch them in chronological order instead of release order and since I have never seen them I had no preference. So we watched the prequel trilogy and maybe we will continue to watch them this week.

two. Working at a preschool really has its perks this time of year. I received this gift from one of my students and so far I am loving the gifts.
three. My husband found out yesterday that four out of his four submissions to his big research conference, SIOP, were accepted. He is really excited about it and I am happy for him. This is the first time all his submissions were accepted and also the most he has had accepted in one year. The conference is in April in California and while I would love to go I don't think I will be able to this year. We have other vacation plans for next year so I had to prioritize.

four.  As warm weather turns colder, we have been having some issues with our nest thermostat. It is trying to figure out what we would like the heat to be set at and since all summer we had to AC set to 76 degrees it thinks we want to heat to 76 degrees. I have been adjusting it when I notice it, but it finally actually heated the house to 76 degrees the other night and we got home and had a good laugh about it. We almost had to open a window just to cool down the house before going to bed.
five.  One week from today we will be making our trek up to Minnesota for the week of Christmas! Its been a few months since we have been there and we are super excited about it. It will be nice to see everyone again and I am especially excited to see my niece and nephew again.
Happy weekend! It is our last weekend before we travel so we have a lot to accomplish so it should be a busy one.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend

This past weekend was a good one. It is always nice to have a few days off work to catch up on life and eat some yummy food.

This is the second year that we have decided not to head back to Minnesota to celebrate Thanksgiving. We plan on going home for Christmas and it is really hard to do both. Sometimes I wish they were not so close together.

Since my little sister and her husband live here now, we invited them over to eat food with us. Last year, we made a bunch of food for just the two of us and most of it went to waste because we could not eat it all. So we were not going to do a big meal unless they could come. My sister had to work on Thanksgiving Day, so we planned on a big meal for Friday afternoon. Its funny how when your traditional Thanksgiving lunch plans are not available because they are 1,000 miles away, you suddenly don't really care about following tradition.

On actual Thanksgiving day, we spent most of the day cleaning and organizing for our company that we had coming over this weekend. Once the time came, we headed out to Target for their Black Friday (Thursday, really) deals. It was pouring rain all weekend and on the chilly side so standing outside of Target waiting for them to open was an experience. Inside Target, we mostly got movies and a few gifts for family. It was a little busy, but I love Black Friday shopping and by now I am a pro so we were able to avoid a lot of the busy. There was also one a five minute line which was great.
When we were done with Target, we headed to a Walmart that was right next door. We could barely even get in the parking lot and decided to leave before we got stuck. We then headed to the Walmart that is closer to our house and tucked away a little more and the parking lot was basically empty in comparison. We were able to get in and find a few of the good deals we wanted still. Like tupperware for dirt cheap. Once we were ready to checkout we literally walked up to the register. In the past years, the Walmart line is always long, at least 30 minutes to an hour. So it was great that both stores were so quick. We were done with everything in less than 2 hours.

Friday morning, we met my sister really early at the mall to take advantage of some of the deals the stores had going. We did not find much, just some clothes and candles, before we left to prepare the turkey.

Richard had been working on the Turkey all week leading up to Thanksgiving. We bought a raw Turkey that Richard then prepared all on his own. He was so excited to do it and he did a really good job. We bought a pre-cooked turkey the year before that just needed to be heated and it was awful so I am glad he wanted to prepare it this year. We also made two different kinds of potatoes, mashed and company, plus stuffing, gravy and some rolls. It was all very yummy.
The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing watching all of our new movies and just enjoying some time off together. We were surprisingly unproductive the rest of the weekend, but it was exactly what we needed. We had a friend from Louisiana stay at our house on Sunday night since she was passing through and heading home on Monday. It was nice to have her over and catch up.

Also, Richard participated in No-Shave-November and grew his beard all November long. After getting a late start, he grew a very impressive bear. No one is surprised though cause he is quite a hairy guy. But we had some fun with pictures while he was shaving it.
So that was our Thanksgiving weekend. It was a good one, even if it is hard to be away from family.

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