Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Baby Sister Got Married!

We are going to travel back in time a little bit to a little over two months ago when my baby sister got married! It was a very bust time for me and I did not have a whole lot of pictures to share so I decided to wait until my sister got her professional pictures back. Tomorrow I will post more pictures that I took plus a few others that I have.

So the date is now August 29th, 2015. We woke up Saturday morning pretty early and decided to make a quick run to Caribou Coffee before the crazy started. Of course, we had to get a special cup just for the bride! We then had some friends and family come to our hotel room where we were able to get our hair and makeup done. My older sister and I helped our youngest sister get into her wedding dress. It took forever to tie up the back, but the dress was gorgeous so it worked out!
Once everybody was ready, we headed to the reception site to meet the groomsmen and the groom. My sister had ordered lunch for everybody so we were all able to enjoy lunch together before starting pictures. We did have to keep the bride and groom separate since they had not had their first look yet.

The bride and groom were then able to go and do their first look. The rest of the bridal party stayed back and waited for them to return.
We then moved on to take a bunch of family pictures before my nephew had to go to take a nap and continued into bridal party shots. We also were able to squeeze in family shots before the ceremony.
^^This picture means so much! A lot of my mom's family was able to make the trip to Minnesota for the wedding!^^
^^We wanted to recreated the picture from our wedding except this time we added a new husband! ^^
Once we were done with those pictures, we headed over to the ceremony site, The Bandshell in Maple Grove. It was really close to the reception venue and it was so pretty. My sister decided to add a few chairs at the front to close in the space and make it feel smaller. My niece and nephew were the ring bearer and the flower girl and they were so stinking adorable.

^Also, did I mention that Richard was the officiant?^^
After the ceremony, we headed back to the reception site, Elm Creek Chalet that is normally a Ski Chalet so that was a fun way to honor my mom since she loved to ski. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the giant fireplace in the middle but it was gorgeous. We were then able to dance our hearts out all night long, which is always my favorite part!
^^Cousin picture! Some day we will actually get all of the cousins in one picture!^^
I have a few more pictures to add tomorrow. This day was so much fun and while it may have been stressful leading up to it, everything was worth it in the end. So many good memories to hold onto for a lifetime.

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