Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Weekend Update | Texas State Fair

Well it has been awhile since I have blogged a weekend update. I am long over due on a few posts, but I figured I may as well start with the most recent since that is freshest in my mind.

When we moved to Texas, we made a list of things we wanted to do. One of those things was the Texas State Fair. This state fair is the biggest in the country, based on attendance, the second biggest being the Minnesota State Fair. So we had high hopes going into it thinking it would be similar to the Minnesota State Fair. Spoiler alert-it wasn't.
^^Paisley's favorite new spot in the house^^
Friday night we had a chill night and met with my sister and her husband at a pizza place and then they came over for a game night. We played catch phrase with four people which was weird, but Richard and I dominated so it was fun.

We started early on Saturday by going to the State Fair with my sister, her husband and a friend of ours.
The big attraction at the fair is Big Tex so of course we had to get a picture with him. We had some good food and it was fun to walk around and see everything. However, it was expensive to get in and the food sold at every stand was pretty much the same. They also have a coupon system where you have to buy tickets before you can buy any food and I dislike that system. My sister and I did go the ferris wheel and we had a sweet view of Dallas from the top. The fair ended up being not really worth it so while it is something we are glad we tried, we will probably not do it again.
After the fair, we went straight to a friend's house that we know from Richard's graduate school. Him and his family had people over to watch college football. While we might not be the biggest college football fans, we enjoyed the company and the food.

Football Sunday. We spent most of the day cleaning and getting stuff done. Both the Vikings and the Packers were playing at the same time, so we set up two TV's so we could watch both games at the same time. It was quite the set up and got confusing at times when one of us would cheer and the other had no idea what was happening. But it worked, and we can make it work again when it happens.

Overall, we had a good weekend. It was our first not packed weekend in a while so we made the most of it. The weekends always go faster than we would like and Monday morning is always here too soon. With me working these days, it has been hard to find time to both blog and get other work done (like editing) but I am hoping to find a groove here soon and get back to blogging again. We shall see.

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