Monday, September 14, 2015

Going Gray

We have been living in our house for almost three months now and (in between all of the wedding festivities) we have been slowly changing things in the house. One of the first things we did was paint the main space. We knew right away what we wanted to paint the living room, foyer and upstairs landing because the builder grade off-white made us crazy. All the tans and browns happening were too much. We decided to hire out this paint job since we have extra tall ceilings and there was no way either of us were willing to get up that high to paint. I mean look at these pictures. No thanks.
We decided to go with a light gray throughout the main spaces to make it all one cohesive color. We may even carry this color in other spaces, but we figured we can do that ourselves since they have lower ceilings. The name of the color is Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore that we had color matched to Sherwin Williams paint. We went with a no VOC paint so that we have less toxins living in our house. Below are pictures of what this space looked like before paint.
And here is what it looks like now after paint. It is amazing how much of a difference a little paint can make. 
You can also see a glimpse of what our living room looks like currently. When we moved from Louisiana, we got rid of most of our furniture knowing that we would buy new when we got a house. We bought the sectional couch from Nebraska Furniture Mart which is a huge furniture store in the area. They had a bunch of different selections, but we really loved the chaise lounger so we ended up with this one. We also got our entertainment unit from there which has been great so far. The yellow rug-I am so in love with. It started in the bedroom, but we moved it into the living room and it looks amazing. Moving it has made figuring out the bedroom really hard, but we spend more time in the living room so I am glad we moved it out there.
The space that had the biggest transformation was on the steps so here are the pictures side by side. The gray really makes the place feel warmer and more inviting. We are so in love with this color it has made choosing other colors difficult. Our painters even commented saying how much they love the color and I am sure they see a lot of colors!
So that is the story  about how a little paint changes the whole space. We have some other dreams for this space so I am sure we will update you on it more soon!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Lot Changes in a Week

Hi there! Remember me? I took the week off from blogging last week just because I was feeling a little overwhelmed with everything that is going on in my life right now. Here's what I have been up to.

-I had 4 job interviews last week across three days. I had set these up while I was still in Minnesota so I knew it was going to be a crazy week. I was looking for either a math tutoring job or a preschool job. Turns out I was selected for all the jobs and I chose to work full time at a private preschool in town. I will be a lead teacher with a classroom full of two year olds and I start today. Should be crazy and interesting and fun all at the same time.

-My sister and her new husband decided a few weeks ago to move down to Texas! They will begin the process of moving later this week and we are super excited. Since she has been on her honeymoon this last week, in between interviews I ran around town trying to find a place for her to live. She has a husky and they are on the breed restriction list so it has been hard to find a place that will let her in. But, I found one and I hope she likes it.

-I had a few photography session while I was in Minnesota so I have been editing away this last week as well. I was doing so well and then my computer decided to crash on Thursday. I went to plug it in and the screen went blue so I shut it down and it would not start back up again. I was so nervous I was going to lose all the hard work I had just put into my pictures.

-We brought my computer to the Apple Store and found out that it was just the graphics board that needed to be replaced and they will do it for free. Wahoo!! But, that laptop has been giving me issues for far too long and this was the last straw. We finally decided that a new laptop was in store for me so we bought one. And it is beautiful and amazing and I am super excited about it. It also came with new headphones that are so pretty. And while we were there, I had my phone replaced for free since it has been giving me issues for a while as well. That was replaced for free since the GPS stopped working and it was covered under the warranty. New computer and a new phone makes me one spoiled girl.

-I sat waiting to get a new Texas license the other day for over two hours. They make you take a number and depending on what you are there for they call different numbers. Well my line was not moving quick at all and the room turned over twice before I was helped. It was crazy, but I am glad that I was able to get it done since all my free time is now going away.

-I owe you a wedding blog post as well as some other stuff we have been up to lately. But I leave you with some pictures of our time in Minnesota. It was great and went by too fast. I will be there again in two weeks for yet another wedding. Bring on the fun!
^^On the left you have me dealing with being short and forgetting my stool. On the right, my nephew is sitting in the exact spot where Richard and I said I do.^^
^^Going on the boat with my dad and his wife, Michelle. It was a fun way to spend an afternoon. ^^
^^My sweet niece and I on the left. On the right, the view from my old college campus. Loved being able to visit again and show Richard's little brother the ropes. ^^
^^Minnesota State Fair!! My friend Sammi entered her jam into a contest and it ended up on display! So cool!^^
^^The best part of the fair by far! Love me some Sweet Martha's Cookies!^^
^^Our State Fair tradition: a caricature! How did he do?^^

Hopefully this week is not too much for me with starting a new job and I will be able to get a few posts out. Wish me luck!
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