Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wisconsin Dells Bachelorette Weekend

This past weekend I headed to the waterpark capital of the world, also known as Wisconsin Dells. My little sister, as you know, is getting married in less than two weeks so we celebrated by spending a weekend in Wisconsin Dells. I went with my little sister, one of my good friends and 5 of my sisters closest friends. We had a blast and it was fun to hang out with them and get to know her friends a little better.

We stayed at the Kalahari Resort and they have both an indoor and outdoor water park included in your stay. We ended up in a large 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom suite that could sleep all 8 of us. It worked out perfectly so that we had space to sleep as well as room to hang out.

We left early Friday morning and it was about a four hour drive from Minneapolis. When we got to Wisconsin Dells, we stopped at Moosejaw Pizza for lunch. Of course we had to wear our moose ears the whole meal. We then checked in and headed to the waterpark for a few rides and hanging out by the pool.
Friday night we spent the night in our room playing games and opening presents. We played a few minute to win it games, a few dirty games(not pictured) and heads up. The first minute to win it game was trying to get a cookie from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands. The next one we played you had to put a tennis ball in a pair of tights and then put it on your head and use it to knock over full water bottles. The next one we played was with a deck of cards and they had to sit on top of a soda can and you had to blow all the cards off the stack of the deck until there was only one card left. Finally we played the game where you had to tie a banana around your waist and use it to roll an orange across the floor.
Saturday morning we found the best place at the water park to lay out in the sun. They had a zero depth pool that was kinda in a secluded area of the park. It was awesome because we could lay in the water while having our chairs only a few feet away from us. We spent some time going on the rides while it was not too busy, but most of the day we hung out in the sun.
Saturday night, we had planned to go out to a local bar where we were able to dance our hearts out and had a fun night together. My sister was a good sport where she had to take random picture according to a selfie spinner challenge that one of her friends brought. I will save her the embarrassment of posting those pictures. The next morning we woke up, packed and headed back to Minnesota.
The weekend went by quick, but we all had a good time and I am glad that I was able to join in on the bachelorette party fun! My sister's wedding will be here in just a few short day and I am so excited to party!

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