Friday, August 7, 2015

Wedding Week II: Pre-Wedding Festivities

Alright, here is a collection of all of the events and such that were wedding related, but not the actual wedding. I am so thankful for everyone who made my wedding and everything leading up to it so special.

Asking My Bridesmaids
I asked my bridesmaids to go to dinner one night and then presented them with a poem and a picture of me with them asking them to be a part of my special day. One of my bridesmaids could not make it, but I love seeing these pictures

Wedding Dress Shopping
I went shopping with my sisters to find a wedding dress. My mom showed up a little later and believe it or not I bought the first dress I tried on. It was meant to be.

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping
I took my sisters to go bridesmaid dress shopping. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted and they ended up having the dress on the right in a fun metallic purple. It was perfect. I then went later with my other three bridesmaids so they could get fitted for their dresses.

Bridal Shower
My bridal shower was hosted at one of my aunts' house. We had some chocolate fondue for food and it is always fun and embarrassing to be the bride for the bridal shower.
^^One of my aunts made this for me! Isn't it cute? I still love it dearly.^^
^^My mom was having major back problems and after the bridal shower and she ended up staying at my aunt's house for a few weeks and then had major back surgery to replace a disk. Kinda crazy.^^
^^Just a few of my Aunts and cousins. I love having a big family.^^
^^My bridesmaid went to get their dresses fitted after the bridal shower. One of my bridesmaids is missing since she spent that summer in New York.^^

Bachelorette Party
We kept this pretty low key since a third of us were under 21 at the time. We started with dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory in Minneapolis and then headed to Comedy Sportz, a comedy club in Minneapolis. They pulled me on stage for Comedy Sportz since it was my bachelorette party. Super embarrassing. Then we headed back to my sister's house for drinks, presents and games. 

Pre-rehearsal Pampering
Before the rehearsal dinner, we went to the nail salon to get pedicures and manicures for the wedding. Once we were done with that, I went with a few of my bridesmaid to eat some dessert before we had to be at the rehearsal.
Rehearsal Dinner
We held our rehearsal at our ceremony location the night before our wedding. Once we were done rehearsing, we had a picnic on the same grounds where we had pizza ordered in. Back when Richard and I first started dating when we were working retail, we used to order pizza from a special place every Saturday. So we figured it was the perfect place to order pizza from for our rehearsal.
That concludes Wedding Week II! Thanks for sticking with me while I took a stroll down memory lane. I am obsessed with pictures which I think is pretty obvious from these posts, ha! This was such a fun time in our lives. So much excitement and possibilities and I will forever cherish these memories in my heart!

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