Monday, August 3, 2015

Wedding Week II: Engagement

Last year, for the week of our anniversary, I started what I called wedding week, a whole week of posts about our wedding. Since we got married long before I started blogging I never got to blog about that experience. So since I still have a lot more to say about our weeding, I figured we would make a tradition and do another wedding week!

Want to read the first Wedding Week? Here you go:
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So to start this wedding week, we will start with getting engaged and our engagement pictures.

Getting Engaged
We will travel back in time a bit to December 23, 2009. (Seriously, that was almost six years ago...yikes!) Richard and I were both still in college and I had one last final to take. Richard wanted me to meet him after I was done taking my final because he had a special date planned. He wanted to take me to a local state park called Willow River where they have these gorgeous waterfalls. We went there on our first date and many dates since then. He told me we have never gone there in the winter so we should go check it out. When we got there, we could see the frozen waterfalls and it was so pretty. He indulged me by taking a million pictures like usual. Then he asked me to sit down on the bench so he could give me the present he had carried down. When I opened the box, I found the blue ring box sitting on top of a bunch of newspaper so that I did not know the giant box was just about empty. Then he got down on one knee and proposed. It was the sweetest moment and it was exactly what I would have wanted. It even started snowing as we were leaving.

Engagement Pictures
We took two different sets of engagement pictures. The first were almost right away after we got engaged. They were in the middle of winter which worked since that is when we got engaged. But I have to say I was not exactly happy with our experience, but we got a few good pictures out of it.

We took the next set we took once we booked our photographer, Jan Kentala for those local to Minnesota. Engagement pictures were included in her wedding package so we got them done again. These were taken at the end of summer a year before our wedding. We look so different in these pictures since this was five years ago.
Side note. To get the picture above with me level to Richard, I had to stand on two blocks, haha! #shortpeopleproblems

More wedding week festivities to come! 

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