Thursday, August 20, 2015

Photobook Changes

I did it. I finished another photobook. It only took me a year and a half. Pretty much immediately after I finished our 2013 photobook (March of 2014), I decided to go back to a year prior and work on a photobook for 2012. And then it took me forever to finish. But I am here today it is done and I am in love. 
To give a brief overview of what I do, I started using Blurb last year as a way to make photobooks instead of scrapbooking. You can read about my book from 2013 here. There are a lot of different companies that make photobooks, but I decided to go with blurb because their page limit is really high. Their limit is 220 pages instead of the 100 pages that most companies offer. I decided to stop scrapbooking because it was too time consuming and I am still years behind. I was sick of my pictures just sitting on a computer so I thought I would give it a try. I really do love putting these books together and reminiscing. while I create them. If you sign up for Blurb's emails you get coupons every once in a while so I waited until I had a good coupon before I purchased mine. It will be fun to see the books accumulate as the years go on.

I decided to make a few changes this time. The changes really add so much more to the book that they are even more colorful and awesome. The first change was to the cover. I decided to have a color more fun than just black. That way when all the books are together they will look nice and fun instead of all the same boring color. I selected a color from the picture on the front cover and wrapped it around the back side as well. Last year, I had an additional picture on the back cover and I really like the simplicity of just having a solid color.
I decided to keep the highlights pages because it best represents everything we did in one year. The list of highlights corresponds with a page later in the book.
The next thing I changed was that I added some fun scrapbook paper throughout the book. You can find a whole bunch of digital scrapbook paper on pinterest and then add it to the pages like another image. This was a really helpful way to bring in more color so the pages were less dull. It was also a nice way to fill dead space when I only had a few pictures or did not have anything to say about the pictures. (Also ignore the binder clips, I had to use those to keep the pages open for a picture.)

Something else I did differently was I added less text. Adding text takes the longest. While I like to be able to read about the different adventures we had, I also let the pictures speak for themselves. So unless there was a story or something specific I wanted to remember that the pictures did not say, I left the pictures with just a title.

Finally, when I ordered my book I decided to get the full upgrade and get the second nicest pages. It was not that large of a jump in price and I think the quality of the pages makes a huge difference. They are less shiny and I think it makes the pictures look less grainy. Holding the two photobooks side by side you can really see the difference in page quality. It is hard to show in a picture, but in person it is a big difference.

So now that I officially finished the 2012 book, I can start working on our 2014 book. Hopefully I can finish it before I need to start in the 2015 book. Where do the years go?

If you want to see a few more pages, you can look through them below.

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